Friday, 8/12/2016

One day more…

One last time…

Welcome to our last day at Camp Timbercrest! Sorry for there not being an update recently, but now at least I can tell you what we did as well as tell you what we will do today.

Unfortunately, Thursday was filled with lightning/thunder/rain. Most made the best of it with indoor games, rainy-day activities, and arts & crafts. Our lake had gotten too much rain so we weren’t allowed to swim but we did do a lot of boating in the morning before the storms came back to us.

We had our final campfire Friday; we were lucky that the storms and the rain stopped and the skies cleared to give us a final send-off. Two counselors brought the torch across the lake in a canoe for the staff to pass around the fire circle before the camp director (that’s me!!!) lights the fire. One of the traditions I like to have at our final campfire is collecting wood from all of the units so that all of the campers who helped collect that wood during the summer become a part of Timbercrest through embers and smoke. It’s pretty lovely.

Today may have started with early morning thunderstorms, but the sun is out as our campers and staff pack up and close their units. Soon we will have a very full Friday Follies talent show when the campers will present their skits & songs that they prepared during their drama time all week. Our CITs will put on an Olympic-themed all-camp program this afternoon, which will be super fun with the mud that is everywhere!

Thank you for being excellent readers this summer, just remember to check out GSWNY’s Flickr page where you can find all of our photos from all of the sessions. Our last session 6 album is right here!

Until next summer–

Bloomer 🙂



Tuesday & Wednesday of Session 6!!

Hey there blog readers!

Yesterday was quite a day for all of us at Timbercrest! Our “Backpack, Pony, & Me” girls who live in Strawberry Hill prepared to leave on their overnight to Pineapple Junction, a campsite with a series of horse trails that is about 2 miles from camp. They most definitely deserve a break this morning as they most likely didn’t sleep much thanks to our series of thunderstorms that we “weathered” between midnight at 5 a.m. this morning. Rain will be intermittent today, but they will spend the day riding around the trails before returning to camp today…when they will clean up the horses (and themselves).

Sunset had a day filled with the trading post, archery, boating, and setting up their tents for their overnight by the lake. They attended all-camp swim, played Mud Gaga (the counselors added water to our Gaga pit which made it a “mud pit”), and then showered before going to their overnight. Today they will make their way to “Dracula’s Tomb,” a series of rocks on a trail while the boating girls sail on Keyser Lake. They will be doing “mud painting,” making a bunch of pictures and sculptures with mud…and capping off their afternoon with a slip & slide…with of course…mud! These Mud Warriors are something else! Later on today, they will play four-square and basketball at our basketball court.

Sprucewood will be making candles in arts & crafts, going on a nature scavenger hunt, spending time on the water, playing games, working with their CITs, and going on a night hike with our nature counselor, Eeyore. Yesterday they had a sleep-in breakfast, trading post time, all-camp swim, boating, made ornaments in arts & crafts, tried to figure out who stole the Golden Timberbuck (our coveted broom that is awarded to the cleanest unit of the day), and cleaned up from their overnight.

We get another group of core campers coming in today so they will be acclimated and helped out by two staff members who will serve as their mentors. They will also play games and participate in our cookout night.

Due to the rain that we received last night/this morning, the lake is closed for swimming until tomorrow, but many of the units will be boating and doing other games today to make up for the lack of swimming–which usually means a crazy time on our slip & slide which is a really really great time for everyone!!

To see the photos of session 6, click here.

Sunday & Monday of Session 6!!!

Well hello there, loyal blog readers!

Welcome to our final week of Camp Timbercrest! We have loads of resident campers and core campers with us…making for a very loud dining hall, which I just love! Bigger numbers also make for an amazing campfire experience, which we definitely had last night during our Opening Campfire!

Flickr album has been set up for Session 6, please check it every day!

Sunday is filled with a lot of touring camp, doing teambuilding, learning silly songs, taking swim tests, and having our first dinner together. Our “Galloping Girls” core campers got to jump right onto horses in the afternoon as well. We of course end our long day with an opening campfire, when our staff introduces themselves through skits, and units teach fast songs to everyone. We were graced with an absolutely gorgeous sunset over Keyser Lake, which made for quite a selfie opportunity for many staff members.

Today will be quite the day for our girls in Sunset…they are starting off the day with more teambuilding, a boating experience on Keyser, their first try on our water toy, working in drama, and playing soccer together.

Sprucewood will be making soap in arts & crafts, going boating, participating in all-camp swim and getting ready for their overnight. They of course will be choosing an activity during Campers’ Choice after dinner.

Our horse girls in Strawberry Hill will be spending a lot of time at the barn this morning, getting to know the horses and all of our barn staff. They will have the chance to cool off during all-camp swim in the afternoon, followed up with a turn at archery and working on badge requirements. Arts & crafts will be a good time as well!

We will be updating all week, it’s going to be a great one!



Thursday & Friday of Session 5!!!

We have had a (good type) of crazy couple of days out here at Timbercrest! Everyone has been so very busy: riding horses, swimming in Keyser, rehearsing for today’s Friday Follies…the end of the week sneaks up on you sometimes!

Yesterday, our youngest girls in camp (the Brownies in Jackman’s) spent a lot of time at the barn, but also went boating. In the afternoon they of course went swimming but also visited the trading post and worked with Lennon (our drama counselor/unit head) on some cool drama things. I can’t wait to see what they have put together for Friday Follies today, I’ve heard great things! But the best part of their morning was making forts in their lodge, which then they got to eat in for lunch! Myself and some “tourists” from our Girl Scout service centers got to check them out before they were even used–these girls are going to be architects and engineers one day!

Our oldest campers in Hawthorne conquered the water toy in the morning, and our Cupcake Challenge girls had another lesson with our cook, Small World. They spent their afternoon swimming, working in drama, and making bullseyes at our archery range. The girls that weren’t in the Cupcake Challenge spent some time working on nature with our nature counselor, Eeyore. I’m wondering if they visited the 100 Acre Wood with Eeyore. I’m thinking, yes! 😉

Sprucewood (our Juniors) got to work in the barn, go to the trading post, swim in the afternoon, and of course got to try for bullseyes at our archery range as well. They seemed to do a lot of prepping for our weekly dress-up dinner as well…I saw some quite interesting use of our drama department’s costumes on these girls! That’s the kind of spirit that I like to see from our campers–joining in with our counselors to make a meal something special!

I also got the chance to check out our core campers coming back from a trail ride in the morning, and they were so happy to be on the horses!

All of our units will be saying goodbye today, but not before a full day of packing, Friday Follies, lunch, a Counselor Hunt (where girls are led in groups by our CITs) as our all-camp activity, and of course all-camp swim! Our horse girls will make sure they are prepped for their Horse Show at 6 p.m. and our general campers will be make sure their songs are all ready for Parent Program at 7 p.m.

If you’re interested in this week’s Flickr album , please click and check them out!

Wednesday 8/3/2016

Happy middle of the week, readers! Woot-woot!!!

Today is definitely a hot one down here in Cattaraugus county! We are staying as cool as possible and drinking as much water as possible while we still have a great time!

Our four new core campers came in today, ready for a couple of days of horseback riding! They have settled into the yurts, had lunch, and will be joining our Brownies in Jackman’s for cookout tonight.

Speaking of our Brownies in Jackman’s, they have spent time at the barn, made nature collages, played games, worked with their puppets in drama, and later today will be slip & sliding away down our little “hill” next to the lodge. They will rinse off while the rest of camp does the Buffalo Swim across the lake. For part of the Puppets, Plays, and Dolls program, they will be watching a movie musical tonight after their cookout!

Hawthorne Grove had a sleep-in breakfast this morning after a successful overnight. They then went for an awesome splash hike in the creek, will be doing the Buffalo Swim this afternoon, and then will be cooking out in the evening. They will be doing awesome stargazing when it’s dark (it really is perfect out here when the skies are clear)…I might join them…it’s my favorite activity!

Sprucewood had a ball at the barn this morning as well as playing on our water toy and doing arts & crafts. They will be setting up their tents this afternoon before the Buffalo Swim, cooking out for dinner, and then having s’mores before their overnight.

We all had to write letters to campers and staff to “get into” lunch today, we call it a Letter Lunch. This encourages everyone to write to somebody at camp, and really brightens the day. I hope that all the campers loved any letters that they received!

Tuesday 8/2/2016

Hello there readers!

We have made it to Tuesday…and we are still having a great time and our weather has been beautiful, we are so lucky to be at camp!

Our girls in Sprucewood have gone boating, visited the trading post, and worked on some badges this morning. They will be spending a lot of time in arts & crafts this afternoon after all-camp swim. I’m sure they will go all out for Superhero Lunch as well! The horse girls will spend their lunch with the horses on a trail lunch, which is being a different kind of superhero for sure!

The Brownies in Jackman’s spent their morning on a fun splash hike (I heard they caught a few crayfish), working in drama, visiting the trading post, and going to the barn. This afternoon the whole unit will be making fairy houses as well (I’m sure some of them will come home with a lot of glitter in their belongings) and they will be braving our Strawberry Hill unit for their overnight tonight, but I bet it will be easier when they make s’mores before bed. 🙂

As I type, our Hawthorne/Cupcake Challenge girls are baking away in our kitchen…it is a “Chopped” version, where our cook Small World gives them a chance to take whatever they want and put it in their cupcakes. I just overheard a girl wanting to put molasses in her cupcakes and Small World gently told her, “I think you might lose the competition if you put molasses in your cupcakes.” I would have to agree…molasses cookies? Yes indeed! Molasses cupcakes? I’m not too sure about those…and I have to judge the finished project! They will also go to the trading post, and set up their tents for their overnight tonight!

The core campers leave this afternoon, and they have been busy at the horse barn and introduced us to a hysterical skit at campfire on Sunday…we will miss them when they leave this afternoon…but we hope to see some of them back next year!


Monday, Monday! 8/1/2016

Welcome to August, faithful Timbercrest blog readers! 🙂

Though it is a little cloudy this morning, there is something magical about the fog coming across Keyser Lake…a bit spooky, but so cool! Our Polar Bear swimmers (they brave the lake at 7 a.m.) could be seen in the swimming section but the fog on the water made it look colder. I’m sure there will be a photo or two on our Flickr page, we are currently compiling a bunch from yesterday as well as last night’s campfire. I’m sure there will be some silly photos from our Single Utensil Dinner (instead of traditional cutlery, you’re given a spatula/tongs/etc.) that will happen tonight. I wonder if I’ll have to eat my tomato soup with a mixer attachment…hmm…

Our youngest campers in Jackman’s Lodge will be spending time in arts & crafts and taking their swim tests this morning. Then the two programs will split and go to the barn and to drama. They will stick together for the rest of the day, attending all-camp swim, going boating, and making puppets in the evening after Camper’s Choice (a period of time after dinner where staff use their skills to provide programming that campers might not regularly do during the regular camp day…such as Quidditch, self-defense, netball, soccer, even board games).

Our girls in Hawthorne Grove will be the first of the week to slide down our water toy into Keyser Lake. They will then work on some clay creations in arts & crafts, explore nature with our nature counselor, and go boating. Our girls in the Cupcake Challenge will meet our cook “Small World” this afternoon and start planning their week of baking. The whole unit will then do archery, play Gaga, and go to all-camp swim.

Sprucewood is learning about our Be a Friend First program (an anti-bullying program that encourages being friends with one another over anything else), working in drama, and participating in archery this morning. They will be joining the rest of the camp in all-camp swim in the afternoon and then will split their group when the horseback riding girls go to the barn and the rest of the unit goes on a nature splash hike in our creek and plays outside games. At the end of the day, they will come together for a unit campfire and “cabin chat,” where counselors ask them questions and encourage them to open up about themselves to their co-campers. It’s a great way to get to know one another!

Looks like we will only have thunderstorms in the evening…which won’t impede a lot of our activities, most of them can always be moved inside if necessary! Sometimes the weather is a bit unpredictable in our little valley–but we make the best of what happens! Have a great rest of your day!