Final Friday

Hello Readers!

Today is our very last day for this season at Camp Timbercrest. I hope everyone’s had a fantastic summer! Today we will spend a lot of time packing, tidying up, and, of course, having a fun all camp. The horse girls will put on a horse program for the parents, and we will also have a parent program as well.

This Friday, the CITs (Counselors in Training) will be leading All Camp! I’m told it’s a Counselor Fashion Show. How exciting! CITs are campers that have opted to receive training on how to be an awesome counselor.

Sprucewood will pack, clean, and do surveys of how the girls liked their week. They will also do archery and play board games.

Strawberry Hill will pack, clean, and take surveys. They also will go for at rail lunch on the horses and a splash hike.

Jackman’s Lodge will pack, clean, and do surveys. They also will go for a scavenger hunt, do some arts and crafts, and play gaga.

Sunset Hill will pack, clean, and do surveys. They also will play some board games and, of course, do all camp.

Hawthorne will clean, pack, and take surveys. They also will go for a hike and do some boating and sailing as well as, of course, all camp.

It was wonderful to be part of such a fantastic summer!

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Closing Campfire

Hello Readers!

Today is our very last closing campfire of the season. I hope the rain will stay away so we can have an extra special closing campfire! Everyone will sing a few fast songs and a few slow songs. Of course, we will also sing the Camp Timbercrest song.

Sprucewood is keeping busy with a splash hike and some geocaching. They will do archery, swimming, boating, and some basketball. They will also attend campfire.

Jackman’s lodge will play fairy games and spend some of the morning showering and packing. Then they will go boating and swimming, and, of course, to the campfire.

Strawberry Hill will play gaga, make their own chalk, and spend the second half of the day with the horses, doing horse maintenance and lessons.

Hawthorn will do badge work and some masks before heading down to the archery range. They will also play with water balloons and at night will have a kitchen raid, which is when the counselors sneak in and grab goodies for the unit. But shhh! It’s a secret!

Sunset Hill’s riding girls will return from their overnight today. They will spend the rest of the morning with the horses, and then they will play board games. Before dinner, they will return their tents and pack for tomorrow.

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Wacky Hair Wednesday

Hello Readers!

Yesterday for All Camp, everyone was invited in for a dip in our pond. We also had some girls make paracord bracelets, do some finger knitting, and a few girls played Monkey in the Middle.

Today is crazy hair day. Everyone is encouraged to wear their hair as crazy and wild as possible! We are also having our cookouts tonight. Every unit will make their food over a campfire! That is unless it rains. Let’s hope for clear skies! We are also going to have a Buffalo Swim, which is where the girls swim from one end of the lake, run up to the totem pole, and swim back.

Sprucewood’s Geocaching girls will be looking for Geocaching points. They will also play volleyball and some games in the field as well as participate in the Buffalo Swim. They will also play gaga, have their cook out, and make some masks.

Jackman’s Lodge will go swimming and have a bubble bath after lunch. Then they will have their cook out, and the first timers will go home. We’ll be sad to see them go! While the first timers put on a parent program, the Make New Friends group will play Gaga.

Strawberry Hill’s girls will go riding and do horse maintenance. They will be at the barn most of the morning. After, they will go swimming, have their cookout, and work on some badge work after they’ve eaten.

Hawthorn’s girls will sailing and boat, go for a hike, do some tye dying and, of course, have their cookout. I wonder what yummy things they’ll make!

Sunset Hill’s girls will go boating in the morning and spend some time packing for their overnight. They’re going for an overnight on horses!  That means that they’ll hike up with their horses and spend a night in the tents.

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Terrific Tuesday

Hello Readers!

This entry is for Tuesday, the sixth.

Today we are having a camp-wide all camp, where all units on camp participate! I will post more information about our all-camp activities with my Wednesday update.

Jackman’s Lodge will go swimming and have a splash hike. A splash hike is where the girls walk around camp and find puddles to jump in! Sometimes they hike up to little creeks and jump in. After All Camp, Jackman’s Lodge will have a sparkle party!

Sprucewood slept in this morning and had a jungle breakfast, which is when their breakfast is put in paper bags and hung in trees. The girls grab their breakfast down from the trees and enjoy their food.  After, they are going to make geocaching devices. Then they will got to the archery range, play some soccer, and go boating.

Strawberry Hill’s horse girls are spending the morning riding and doing horse maintenance. They will then set up for their overnight, go swimming, and attend All Camp. After all camp, they will head out for their overnight.

Sunset Hill will go to the archery range and play Gaga, a variation of dodgeball that started in Isreal. They will also go riding and attend all camp.

Hawthorne is also having a jungle breakfast, going swimming, and doing some badge work. They will go to the archery range, attend All Camp, and later on they will have some campfire snacks. Did you ever have campfire snacks as a child? Do you have a favorite?

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Monday Clash Day

Hello Readers! Welcome to Ready, Set, Design week.

Today is Monday the fifth, and we’re having a fun Clash Day. That’s when everyone wears clothing that mismatches and wears crazy hair!

Jackman’s Lodge is going boating. They will also set tables for the camp, which means putting plates, silverwear, cups, and napkins at each table. After that, they will do some arts and crafts and Project Adventure as well as pack for their overnight. An overnight is when the unit sleeps out in tents under the stars; normally they pack backpacks and take a little hike to get there.

Sunset Hill’s horse girls are going riding as well as doing horse care. They will also go swimming, play gaga, and go star gazing. They will feed the horses before dinner. Star gazing should be perfect tonight; the stars are easiest to view on a cold night.

Sprucewood’s girls are going to play volleyball, go swimming, and set up for the overnight.  They are also going on an overnight tonight! Their geocaching group will work on geocaching, and they will also go boating.

Strawberry Hill will go swimming and boating, and go for a ride. They will also make pet rocks. Most people have heard of pet rocks, but in case you haven’t, I’ll describe it. Each girl takes a rock and decorates it with what she wants and then gives it a name.

Hawthorn will set up their tents for their overnight first. They will also go for a splash hike, write some letters, go boating, go for a swim and play a team-building game. They will also have an overnight.

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Welcoming Sunday!

Hello readers!

Today we welcomed girls participating in Just a Sampling, Bridles and Bits, The Camper Sampler, It’s My First Time, Just My Backpack, My Pony and Me, Geocaching Adventure, and Make New Friends.

Sundays are always busy but a ton of fun. We have quite a few girls participating in horse programs this week. Bridals and Bits, My Backpack, and My Pony and Me will be taking a horse riding evaluations today.  Everyone else will take their swim evaluation.

After a tour of camp, the girls were taught the rules of camp. We also have a fun song called the Rules of Camp, which we sang at campfire. Some of the rules include no running on the path, don’t pick your nose, and always stay with a buddy.

Every Sunday we have a camp-wide campfire where every unit sings a song or two that the rest of the camp joins in on. Normally each unit leads the girls in both a slow song and a fast song. Additional songs are added depending on time. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can sing a lot of songs!

New photos of the campfire won’t be up until tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can take a look at some older photos.


Friday, Friday!

Hello Readers!

Last week was an exciting week for girls at Camp Timbercrest.  It was International Day at All Camp, where the girls went around to our different international staff, and play games from their countries.  Some, but not all of the games include rounders , kwik cricket, and British Bulldogs

Campers were given a survey to see how they liked camp, and what they would like to see next year.

All Camp is a camp wide activity that involves girls from every unit to play games, and do activities.  We also this fun game earlier in the week.

Hawthorne packed, went swimming, and participated in All Camp.  They had a lot to pack!

Jackman’s Lodge participated in arts and crafts, outdoor games, and All Camp.

Sprucewood’s Bridals and Bits girls went for a relaxing ride, and the Gross-ology girls explored more of the world of gross.  They also participated in field sports before All Camp.

Strawberry Hill packed, went swimming and headed to the waterfront for boating.

Sunset Hill packed and completed their surveys.  They also went to the archery range, played games and made awesome projects in arts and crafts.

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