Friday, Friday!

Hello Readers!

Last week was an exciting week for girls at Camp Timbercrest.  It was International Day at All Camp, where the girls went around to our different international staff, and play games from their countries.  Some, but not all of the games include rounders , kwik cricket, and British Bulldogs

Campers were given a survey to see how they liked camp, and what they would like to see next year.

All Camp is a camp wide activity that involves girls from every unit to play games, and do activities.  We also this fun game earlier in the week.

Hawthorne packed, went swimming, and participated in All Camp.  They had a lot to pack!

Jackman’s Lodge participated in arts and crafts, outdoor games, and All Camp.

Sprucewood’s Bridals and Bits girls went for a relaxing ride, and the Gross-ology girls explored more of the world of gross.  They also participated in field sports before All Camp.

Strawberry Hill packed, went swimming and headed to the waterfront for boating.

Sunset Hill packed and completed their surveys.  They also went to the archery range, played games and made awesome projects in arts and crafts.

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