Magical Monday

Hello Readers!

Today is overcast and a bit chilly here at Camp Timbercrest, but that didn’t stop the girls from getting a swim in! We had a German-themed lunch and mustache dinner.

Strawberry Hill will take a trip to the archery range and have swimming lessons in our lake. They will play games in the sports field and will also enjoy some snacks.

Sunset Hill will stay up until midnight to see Camp Timbercrest at night.  They will make arts and crafts as well as crafting party invites. They will take a trip to the archery range, play gaga, and go swimming. At night they will make some pieces of artwork that glow!

Jackman’s Lodge will go on a splash hike with their little ones. The horse girls will go to the barn to learn about horses, while the rest of the girls will play games with a parachute.  They’ll also take a dip in our pond. Before dinner, they will all practice how to do flag and color guard.

Sprucewood’s Grossology made slime today and will continue with their Grossology adventures later on. Bridals and Bits went to see the horses earlier this morning. The girls will also swim, go to the archery range, and do arts and crafts.

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Slightly Chilly Sunday

Hello readers! Welcome to Around the World Week.

This is Iris; I’ve returned to Camp Timbercrest, and I’ll be writing the blog for the rest of the summer. A big thank you to Ryce for doing such an awesome job while I was away!

Sundays are always busy but a ton of fun. We have quite a few horse girls this week; Bridals and Bits and Saddle Up will be taking a horse riding evaluation today. The Brownie Horse Lover’s Club will do swim tests instead, since they haven’t had much (or any) riding experience before. The rest of the camp will also take their swimming test.

After a tour of camp, the girls were taught the rules of camp. We also have a fun song called the Rules of Camp, which we sang at campfire. Some of the rules include no running on the path, don’t pick your nose, and always stay with a buddy.

Every Sunday we have a camp-wide campfire where every unit sings a song or two that the rest of the camp joins in on. Normally we sing both a slow song and a fast song, but today the chilly weather called our campfire early so we could all retire back to our nice warm sleeping bags. Cold nights are perfect for cuddling up with a stuffed animal. Did your child or children bring a warm fuzzy stuffy to cuddle with? I did! Mine is a large pink bunny-rabbit named Rupert.

New photos of the campfire won’t be up until tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can take a look at some older photos.

It’s great to be back!

Final Day, Final Jam

Today is the last day of the week. Our one-week and two-week campers are heading home.  We are sad to see them go.

As an end to our epic week, we held our Final Jam to finish off our Camp Rock week. Campers shared their talents ranging from ukelele playing to gymnastics. Our counselors put up tents blindfolded while singing the elements song and syncronized swimming to the Timbercrest song (on land).

Check out the pictures.

First few days…

The beginning of the week has been pretty busy here at camp! The weather has been mostly nice, with some rain here and there.

So far girls have been engaged in activities like splash hikes, boating, and archery. Several girls (especially those in the Gross-ology program) made slime. Others have gone horseback riding, and all have been singing camp songs throughout the day.

The Counselors-In-Training (CITs) have started to shadow counselors during the morning, and the Tent, Trail, and Canoe/Kayak girls are getting ready for their first of two overnight trips.

Tonight we will all be in Bellinger Lodge for our all-camp activity: Shawna Dobson, a camper’s parent, will talk to us about service dogs followed by a movie screening of Dolphin Tale. 

Keep checking back for more updates!

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Whimsical Weekend!

When campers stay for a two-week session, they get to experience a more laid-back version of camp. Saturday morning we all were able to sleep in and then had a delicious brunch that included a wide array of foods such as French toast, cereal bars, yogurt, juice, sandwiches, and soup! The French toast was even made by Loki, our camp director.

Just a few of the activities the campers participated in this weekend include tie dye, crafts, baking brownies, a splash hike, and a trail ride for the horse girls. After dinner everyone had ice cream sundaes and watched Camp Rock one and two.

Today a new set of campers is coming in for our fourth week of camp. The new programs coming in are Gross-ology, the Wonderful World of Service Animals, Camper Sampler, and Tent, Trail and Canoe/Kayak. After checking in, the campers will take swim tests, the horse girls will take riding tests, and this evening the whole camp will have an opening campfire full of cheesy songs and skits.

See some pictures!

A great end to a great week

Thursday was another hot day, but we didn’t mind. The campers were troopers, continuing on with camp activities and, of course, more swimming. Closing campfire was beautiful, and the units picked great songs to sing.

Today, is the last day of our one-week program. Can you guess what our all-camp activity was? You got it, swimming! As our one-week campers leave, our two-week kids are gearing up for a relaxing weekend. After the heat, we are welcoming the rain.

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Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday was another hot day here with a high of 89 degrees. As usual, everyone stayed cool by swimming, boating, and other water activities. Some campers chose to participate in the Buffalo Swim, which involves swimming to the other side of the lake and back again. The girls in the Make New Friends program did not swim across the lake — instead they took an outdoor bubble bath!

Each unit had a cookout dinner where the campers choose what they wanted to eat, helped prepare the food, and then ate food over a campfire. Just a few of the meals girls made were hamburgers, spider dogs, stir fry, and pizza bagels.

See the pictures!