Magical Monday

Hello Readers!

Today is overcast and a bit chilly here at Camp Timbercrest, but that didn’t stop the girls from getting a swim in! We had a German-themed lunch and mustache dinner.

Strawberry Hill will take a trip to the archery range and have swimming lessons in our lake. They will play games in the sports field and will also enjoy some snacks.

Sunset Hill will stay up until midnight to see Camp Timbercrest at night.  They will make arts and crafts as well as crafting party invites. They will take a trip to the archery range, play gaga, and go swimming. At night they will make some pieces of artwork that glow!

Jackman’s Lodge will go on a splash hike with their little ones. The horse girls will go to the barn to learn about horses, while the rest of the girls will play games with a parachute.  They’ll also take a dip in our pond. Before dinner, they will all practice how to do flag and color guard.

Sprucewood’s Grossology made slime today and will continue with their Grossology adventures later on. Bridals and Bits went to see the horses earlier this morning. The girls will also swim, go to the archery range, and do arts and crafts.

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