Terrific Thursday

Hello Readers! Tonight is our camp wide closing campfire. Everyone will come and sing a few fast songs, and a few slow songs. It’s always very sad to see everyone go, but exciting that the girls will see their parents again for the first time in almost a week! Do you have any plans for after you pick your girls up?

Unfortunately we have had a very dreary day here at Camp Timbercrest. Everyone will have fun regardless, but the planned activities might be subject to change. However, I’m writing this at 9 a.m. and the sun might decide to poke its head back out.

A few girls from Hawthorne sat with me at breakfast. They were very lovely. I understand I missed Hawthorne in one of my updates, and I’m very sorry! Also, these blog posts aren’t posted immediately after I write them, sometimes it can take up to two days.

The riding girls will either be riding or making hobby horses today, depending on the weather. The Duct Tape Art girls will make duct tape earrings and duct tape accessories. They will also go swimming and take a trip to the archery range.

Jackman’s Lodge is hoping to go for a bubblegum hike. That’s when the girls chew bubblegum, stick it to the trees, and use the bubblegum as a marker to find their way back. The horse girls will go riding and later play parachute games. They will also go boating and make some arts and crafts.

Sprucewood is having a sleep-in breakfast, lucky them! They will also take a hike to the creek and make some tie dye. Bridals and Bits will go up to the horses and either make hobby horses or go riding. Grossology will explore the grosser side of Timbercrest. They will also do badge work and go swimming.

Strawberry Hill will play parachute games and go for swim lessons. They will also do archery with KK. Very fun! Of course, they will also go to our closing campfire and will sing some songs.

Sunset will have a late breakfast, do some arts and crafts, and go swimming, depending on weather. They will also go boating and have a night hike. They’re going to have a kitchen raid and steal some yummy goodies from the kitchen! (But sshhhh, don’t tell the kitchen. It’s a secret.) They also will do some arts and crafts.

Photo gallery. Don’t forget to scroll down for new photos!


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