Session 4 Tuesday

We have been having such a lucky week with the weather so far! All of the units visited the Trading Post Tuesday morning and went bought awesome camp accessories. Later on, everyone was ready to cool off in the lake. The riding girls spent the morning in the barn. The girls in Hawthorne were even able to canter around the arena. Our lunch was tacos in a bag, definitely a camp favorite.

After siesta, we all headed down to the waterfront again. You can never have too much swimming on a hot day like Tuesday.  Tuesday evening, both Sprucewood and Hawthorne are having a movie night where they will watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Photos from Session 4

Marvelous Monday!

The weather Monday was beautiful. All of the units took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending most of the day on the waterfront. Swimming was a very popular activity this afternoon. The girls splashed around with their friends, jumped off of the floating docks, and bounced around on the water trampoline.Then, everyone headed over to boating where they practiced their kayaking, canoeing, and row boating skills. This evening we celebrated our unbirthdays for holiday week.

During dinner everyone had party hats and party favors. We also had cake for dessert. Last night for camper’s choice, campers had the choice between paint-a-pony at the horses, team games, or drama. Everyone is looking forward to the rest of the week. 

Super Sunday!

Sunday we welcomed our session 4 campers! All of our two week girls went on an adventurous hike through the wilderness in Camp Timbercrest Sunday morning. On their hike, they learned about the nature that surrounds the camp as well as tips for long, challenging hikes.

After lunch, everyone played get to know you games and planned their cookouts and overnights for the rest of the week. Everyone is super excited to see what is in store. The riding girls spent a significant amount of time at the horse barn.

Last night we had our opening campfire where each unit will teach two fast and one slow song to the rest of the camp! We can’t wait to see what this week  brings.

Fantastic Friday!

Friday was the last day of session 3! Although everyone was sad to see the one week campers go, everyone is grateful for the friendships we made and experiences we shared. We concluded our week with Friday Follies in the morning. Friday Follies is basically an all camp talent show where each unit, as well as individuals, share skits, songs, and talents with the rest of the camp.

In the Afternoon, the entire camp engaged in a counselor hunt. Counselors hid around main camp and each staff member was worth a different point value ranging from negative ten to 500,000! Campers were put into groups headed by the CITs. In their groups they competed to rack up the highest amount of points by gathering staff signatures. In the evening, our campers and staff performed a song for parent program.

Overall, it was a great week and we are sad to see it end.

Tremendous Thursday

All of the units enjoyed everything the camp had to offer at Camp Timbercrest Thursday. The units spent a significant amount of time in the lake. Campers and counselors splashed around in the lake and jumped on the water trampoline. When we weren’t at the swim area, we were at boating. Whether in Kayaks, canoes, rowboats, or paddleboats, everyone had a great time exploring the lake.

Archery was another popular activity. Our campers worked on their aim as they used bow and arrow to hit the targets. Last night was our crazy utensil dinner. Campers and counselors were randomly given one utensil to eat their dinner with. The utensils ranged from whisks and strainers to ice cream scoops. Eating our pasta was quite a challenge. Also, tonight is our closing campfire where we will say goodbye to our one week campers. Everyone is sad to see them all go, but we are grateful for the experiences we have had.

Session 3 Wednesday

Wednesday was full of fun! The horse girls practiced their rodeo skills! These girls spent the morning barrel racing through the arena, and working on their rodeo for parent program. The rest of the units played games and spent the morning in arts and crafts.

The CITs and RCITs trained more with Seashell. They are quickly acquiring the skills needed to become effective counselors. Wednesday afternoon we welcomed our core camp groups who will be spending this half of the week in Jackman’s Lodge and the Yurts. They had a tour of the camp and then joined the rest of the campers at swimming. Wednesday is buffalo swim day where the girls have the opportunity to swim across the lake from the swim area to the totem pole, and then back again. When everyone was finished with their challenging swim they headed up to the units for cookout.

Wednesday night’s cookout was an iron chef cookout which means the kitchen staff put random items in the coolers for the units and they had to turn it into a meal and cook it over a campfire. All of the units were very successful and made delicious dinners.

Mario Kart Tuesday

Tuesday was a wonderful day. The CITs practiced their target skills at archery this morning, and then headed to the waterfront to paddle the lake in kayaks and canoes.  After lunch, they sat down with Seashell, the CIT director to complete some of their training.

Strawberry Hill spent the morning boating and playing strategic board games like clue to go along with this weeks “game craze” theme. In the afternoon, Strawberry Hill splashed around in the lake, and rinsed off in the shower.

Tuesday morning, Sprucewood took down their tents and unpacked from their adventure-filled overnight in the volleyball field. Then, in the afternoon the horse girls headed to the barn to work on their riding skills. They are also looking forward to their movie night last night.

Hawthorne had a great day too. Tuesday morning Hawthorne went back to the Trading Post to do more shopping, and then went to the barn. In the afternoon, they cooled off in the lake. Tonight is Campers Choice. The choices are rounders, spud, or butterfly mobiles.