Session 3 Wednesday

Wednesday was full of fun! The horse girls practiced their rodeo skills! These girls spent the morning barrel racing through the arena, and working on their rodeo for parent program. The rest of the units played games and spent the morning in arts and crafts.

The CITs and RCITs trained more with Seashell. They are quickly acquiring the skills needed to become effective counselors. Wednesday afternoon we welcomed our core camp groups who will be spending this half of the week in Jackman’s Lodge and the Yurts. They had a tour of the camp and then joined the rest of the campers at swimming. Wednesday is buffalo swim day where the girls have the opportunity to swim across the lake from the swim area to the totem pole, and then back again. When everyone was finished with their challenging swim they headed up to the units for cookout.

Wednesday night’s cookout was an iron chef cookout which means the kitchen staff put random items in the coolers for the units and they had to turn it into a meal and cook it over a campfire. All of the units were very successful and made delicious dinners.

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