Tremendous Thursday

All of the units enjoyed everything the camp had to offer at Camp Timbercrest Thursday. The units spent a significant amount of time in the lake. Campers and counselors splashed around in the lake and jumped on the water trampoline. When we weren’t at the swim area, we were at boating. Whether in Kayaks, canoes, rowboats, or paddleboats, everyone had a great time exploring the lake.

Archery was another popular activity. Our campers worked on their aim as they used bow and arrow to hit the targets. Last night was our crazy utensil dinner. Campers and counselors were randomly given one utensil to eat their dinner with. The utensils ranged from whisks and strainers to ice cream scoops. Eating our pasta was quite a challenge. Also, tonight is our closing campfire where we will say goodbye to our one week campers. Everyone is sad to see them all go, but we are grateful for the experiences we have had.

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