Cold Rainy Day

Today started out gloomy and rainy as everyone made their way to breakfast. No flag this morning because of the rain. It was light and only lasted for a little, while which didn’t stop anyone from swimming or boating this morning as planned. Straw Hill had a sleep in breakfast, but right after, they headed over to archery to sharpen their skills with a bow. The light rain didn’t even stop the girls in Hawthorne from going on their hike. By lunch, the sun was out and shining down on camp.

With me time here, the girls headed up to their units to relax. After me time, it was time for the buffalo swim, where the girls get to swim across the lake if they please. Sadly, just when it was time, it started to thunder, which lasted a good hour. We had maybe a sprinkle that whole time, but no swimming is allowed when it is thundering, so everyone seemed pretty bummed about it. Now off to cook outs for the night as the girls and their counselors grabbed their food and went to start their fires. Everyone had a little bit of trouble getting it going, thanks to the lovely rain, but all the girls were successful in starting a fire. With their tummies full, it was time for the girls to do their late night activities before bed.

Good night, Timbercrest!


Tuesday A Cloudy Day

The day started out normal with girls coming to flag and breakfast.  But Hawthorne and Sprucewood had a sleep in breakfast so the girls could do just that – sleep in and then have breakfast.  The day went normal with fun activities like swimming and boating, while the Ride ‘Em Cowgirls rode this morning. When it was time for lunch it was still a cloudy day. The sun did poke though a few times but, sadly, it was pretty cold as well. After lunch it was time for me time and the girls to relax after this morning’s activities.

Time for the afternoon activities to start.  This afternoon the girls were busier than before with riding for the wranglers while others were swimming, boating, doing archery, and also working on some arts and crafts. The girls were their normal selves as they played around with their counselors in tow.  Sooner than they knew, it was time for dinner. The theme for dinner was silent dinner where no one could speak, not even the counselors. If anyone did, they would have one utensil taken away and then another until they had to eat with just their hands. Even after that it could have been where they could have even just eaten with their mouth only.  Needless to say the girls did great and I don’t believe anyone got that far – just a few forks taken away, so they are champs at it, I would say.

Dinner is now over and it is it beach party time, which is being held by Straw Hill down in the program center. We had some face painting, singing, dancing, and, of course, there is no party without some music. The beach party was a blast, but the girls weren’t done. They had a field day full of games right afterward, where we held paper airplane contests, archery, relay races, and a game based off of PAC-man.  So the girls went to bed tired and happy from a day filled with fun and laughter.

Pictures for the Day


CITs 7/28/14

We are super excited for our visit to Camp Seven Hills tomorrow. Even the horrible weather could not dampen our spirits. Since it was rainy, we moved things inside for a riveting round of Pictionary. Next, we made colorful personalized notebooks to record what goes down when being re-united with our friends at Camp Seven Hills.

After a taco lunch, we played the most awesome game ever invented called  writey writey drawey drawey. We then packed for our trip to Camp Seven Hills. The CITs participated in finger painting and friendship bracelets for camper’s choice. They finished the day with showers, so they are fresh and ready for the trip to Camp Seven Hills tomorrow!



Sad Rainy Day

Well this morning started out “okay”, we will say, but was very gloomy with all the clouds. Then the rain came and hasn’t stopped yet this morning. The wranglers were riding and then got soaked, thanks to the rain! Meaning that their riding time was cut short and so far it doesn’t look good for the Ride ‘Em Cowgirls for riding time. So, sadly, our campers have been stuck indoors but are still having fun with their counselors playing board games and doing some arts and crafts in the program center.

Tacos for lunch! Everyone seemed to love them as they scarfed them down. With me time, the girls made their way back to their units in the rain and it didn’t look like this rain would stop anytime soon.  Granted this isn’t a very hard rain. It is light but it still seems to make the girls kind of “blahza” for how gloomy it looks outside. Me time ended and yup, it was still rainy.  So girls are played board games in the lodge while some hung out in the program center. But Straw Hill braved the weather by going to do some archery and hoping it doesn’t down pour to cancel it.

For dinner we enjoyed chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad bar.  Then it was time for campers choice, ranging from finger painting to Ceilidh (Scottish country dancing).  The time came for the girls to head back to their units with their counselors and do some group activities together or get ready for bed time if they were tired.  Hoping for a better, less rainy day tomorrow.

Pictures for the Day


CITs 7/27/14

Today the Yurts feasted on a fabulous breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns, and sausage.  Then we played a BFF game called Minefield where we had to navigate our way through an obstacle course blindfolded. Then we joined the rest of the two-week campers for a hike and picnic lunch.

We went to Camp Timbercrest’s old day camp sight and toured the old lodge there. Then we trekked some of the trails on that side of camp. After our hike, we took rest hour then we made our cookout requisitions for this week. After dinner, we went to an indoor opening campfire because it rained. Then we tucked in for an early bed. Here’s to week two!


Session 4 First Day!

Today was check in time for our session four girls as they rolled into camp. With smiles on their faces, they got to their units and settled in for the week. After everyone arrived, they started their day with a swim test and then did some name games and BFF (Be a Friend First) activities.  Then off to do their campsitution for the week, through they come up with a set of rules to follow for the week.

Our two-weekers went for a hike while our new campers showed up and then did some normal activities.  Everyone was now getting ready for flag and dinner, then it was off to opening campfire for the week.  With campfire over, the girls are off and settled into their units for the night to be ready to face the next day full of activities.

Pictures for the Day


Last Day of Week 3

Today was the last day for our one-week campers and for our two weekers, it was just another day.  For the one-weekers, the morning went on like normal with breakfast and then back up to the unit to pack, while the two-weekers played some field games and BFF activities.  Then everyone joined together at the singing stairs for Friday Follies, where the girls and some counselors sang songs and some campers did a stomp show.

After Friday Follies, lunch was served, which was pizza and a salad bar.  With me time close behind lunch, the girls got ready for all-camp counselor hunt!  This is where the counselors hide and the campers are put into groups by numbers. The CITs lead them around the camp to find the counselors.  Once time is up, everyone came back and we announced how much each counselor was worth to see who would win.  After all-camp, all the units played field games till it was time for dinner.

With dinner over, the two-weekers head back to their units for campfire snacks while Straw Hill (one-weekers) head over for the parent program. Straw Hill sang their song for their parents and headed off into the sunset, saying goodbye as it was their last day.  Now it is quiet because the campers are laying down in bed either getting sung to sleep or being read to.

Good night and see you Sunday!

Pictures for the Day