Sad Rainy Day

Well this morning started out “okay”, we will say, but was very gloomy with all the clouds. Then the rain came and hasn’t stopped yet this morning. The wranglers were riding and then got soaked, thanks to the rain! Meaning that their riding time was cut short and so far it doesn’t look good for the Ride ‘Em Cowgirls for riding time. So, sadly, our campers have been stuck indoors but are still having fun with their counselors playing board games and doing some arts and crafts in the program center.

Tacos for lunch! Everyone seemed to love them as they scarfed them down. With me time, the girls made their way back to their units in the rain and it didn’t look like this rain would stop anytime soon.  Granted this isn’t a very hard rain. It is light but it still seems to make the girls kind of “blahza” for how gloomy it looks outside. Me time ended and yup, it was still rainy.  So girls are played board games in the lodge while some hung out in the program center. But Straw Hill braved the weather by going to do some archery and hoping it doesn’t down pour to cancel it.

For dinner we enjoyed chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad bar.  Then it was time for campers choice, ranging from finger painting to Ceilidh (Scottish country dancing).  The time came for the girls to head back to their units with their counselors and do some group activities together or get ready for bed time if they were tired.  Hoping for a better, less rainy day tomorrow.

Pictures for the Day


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