Thursday Session 1

With a storm threatening Timbercrest today, the girls were still able to enjoy some inside activities like UNO, Clue, and extra Arts and Crafts time.

Tent, Trail, N Kayak returned from their two day trip in Allegany State Park. When we picked them up, they had the biggest smiles on their faces. Needless to say, it was a successful trip.

After lunch, TTK played Gaga and went for a swim to cool down and relax after their trip. Once they dried off they used their imagination in Arts and Crafts before dinner.

The Fashionistas started their day with Gaga and a swim in the lake. After lunch, they completed their Fashion Line with Fashion Lab New York. The Girl Scouts made pillows, shirts, and designed their own billboards.

Ready to Ride started their morning completing their barn chores and grooming the horses. After lunch they played Gaga and went back to the barn to ride the horses.

Last but not least, Cupcake Challenge finally had their bake off!! After swimming in the lake and playing Gaga, the girls ambitiously baked in the kitchen from the end of lunch until dinner.

Before dinner, the cupcakes were judged by five staff members. Everyone worked really hard, but a winner was chosen. The girls who made the watermelon-like cupcakes came in first place! Congratulations to all the girls who participated.

Per tradition, Thursday night always ends with Closing Campfire. Tonight the campfire had one last special visit from…….THE DINOSAUR!!! This time Doc got attacked! Fortunately, no girls were harmed tonight.

Closing Campfire is concluded with a beautiful candle ceremony where all the girls and staff sing a song together.

We will be saying farewell to some of our friends tomorrow. We hope to see you again this year and if not, then next year. Goodnight, and click here for photos from Thursday night.

TC: Wednesday Session 1

From the start of the day, to the end, the sun was beating down on Camp Timbercrest, but that didn’t stop the Girl Scouts from having fun.

Tent, Trail, N Kayak continued their trip in Allegany State Park and learned to kayak. The Timbercrest family cannot wait to hear about their trip when they come back.

The Fashionistas and Cupcake Challenge each sat up tents in the morning after breakfast. After they set up their tents, they went on a hike with our nature volunteer, Ro. Ro taught the Girl Scouts about different plants, animals, and important hike procedures. She left the girls with a quote by Naturalist Ned Smith. “Seeing is not merely looking, but noticing.”

The Fashionistas went back to camp and continued to work on their fashion design. Meanwhile, the Cupcake Challenge made s’mores with Ro after their hike.

Ready to Ride continued their barn chores and got more experience on how to care for a horse.

After lunch, the Girl Scouts took on a challenging swim across Keyser Lake known as the Buffalo Swim. They swam from the swimming zone to the totem pole where main campfire takes place during the week and back.

Camp Timbercrest ended the night with a Campers’ Choice. The three options tonight were karaokee, flag football, and crafted a God’s eye (yarn and twine on sticks).

Be sure to click here to view photos from today. Goodnight and we’ll be back in action tomorrow.

Tuesday: Session 1

After the fright from the dinosaur yesterday, Camp Timbercrest was rather relaxing.

At 9:30, we said goodbye to one of our programs, Tent, Trails, N Kayak. They departed for their trip through Allegany State Park. They will return to camp Thursday afternoon.

The Fashionistas started their morning by going boating. Then after lunch, they went back to designing their own fashion line. This time, they went outside to find some inspiration from flowers, pine-cones, and pine needles.

Ready to Ride also started their morning out on Keyser Lake. They then transitioned into playing Gaga until lunch. After lunch, they headed to the barn to get some experience on the horses, they are becoming pros quite quickly.

After breakfast, Cupcake Challenge got their blood pumping early with a couple games of Gaga. They then headed to the kitchen to go over safety procedures for making cupcakes. After lunch concluded, they baked their cupcakes and decorated them with frosting. On Thursday there will be a challenge for who can make the tastiest cupcake!!! YUMMM!!

For dinner, each unit dispersed into their own groups for cookouts!! Some of the delicious food that was made was s’macos, bacon cheeseburgers, grilled cheese pizza, and Timbercrest’s famous Zoe Cakes.

Goodnight and be sure to check out some of the photos from today here.

Monday Session 1: Attack of the Dinosaur

A couple early birds started their morning with the Polar Bear swim at 7 am.

Ready to Ride swam, completed their barn chores, and went boating throughout the day.

The Cupcake Challenge started their morning off with boating, headed to the showers, and got creative with Arts and Crafts.

The Fashionistas began their day by playing sports, went boating on the water, and designed their own fashion line by going through various magazines. This was led by the Fashion Lab of New York.

Tent, Trail, and Kayak began their morning at Arts and Carts, they then ended their day sports, one game in particular was Gaga, a famous Girl Scout tradition. They are anxiously waiting for their kayak trip tomorrow.

Dinner was interrupted by an unexpected visitor…….A DINOSAUR!!! That’s right, a dinosaur escaped from Jurassic Park and came to visit Camp Timbercrest. But don’t worry, all of the Girl Scouts are accounted for.

Once the dinosaur was captured, the Girl Scouts ended their day with Campers’ Choice. The Girl Scouts were able to pick from three options; dancing, sports (basketball and Gaga), and yoga.

Goodnight Scouts and we’ll be back at it tomorrow. Click here to see today’s captured memories.

First Day of Camp Session 1

The clouds at Camp Timbercrest looked threatening, but thankfully it did not rain on the first day of camp. At around 1 pm, Camp Timbercrest was flooded with Girl Scouts and their families.

Once everyone was settled into their units and troops, every Girl Scout completed the Swim Test and was given a colored cap based on their swimming level. The least skilled swimmers received a red cap, the middle leveled swimmers received a yellow cap, and the best swimmers are labeled as blue caps.

After the Ready to Ride program and CITs (Counselors in Training) completed their swim test, they headed over to the barn to learn the basics about horseback riding.

The night continued with dinner and a birthday celebration to 10-year-old Rowan.

The night then concluded with Opening Fire with songs, laughter, and memories flourishing.

Camp Timbercrest Open House 2019

A new era began at Camp Timbercrest Sunday afternoon when parents and future Girl Scouts came to preview the premises at our Open House. Fortunately, the weather was in our favor as we had a glorious, sunny day to give tours to the incoming Girl Scout campers.

From selling merchandise, to directing traffic, to greeting parents, the staff did it all. Campers drew pictures of themselves and some of their favorite activities to do at camp.

The staff also went through a training about customer service to prepare them for the Open House.

Now that Open House is over, we are patiently waiting for Girl Scouts to arrive this Sunday, July 7th.

Here are some photos from Open House:

Camp Timbercrest Staff Prepares for Open House

Timbercrest has the horses in the back… seriously, the horses arrived to Timbercrest at 7 a.m. this morning. After traveling through a thunderstorm last night, the horses are being moved to the barn and are excited for Girl Scouts and their parents to arrive for our Open House tomorrow.

In addition to the horses arriving, Timbercrest’s staff has been preparing for the Girl Scouts by participating in training and going over the weekly schedule. We are all excited for a new year to start!! #GirlScoutCampLife

Here are some photos of the horses and the trainings that went on today: