One Last Time

Camp Timbercrest rang its bell and put up the American flag today for the last time of the season.

On the final day of the season, Camp Timbercrest was turned into a full blown carnival. The Girls were treated to pony rides, pie throwing, archery balloon popping, a photo booth, bowling, and much more.

In order to participate in these events, they had to gain tickets by fishing for rubber ducks. Each duck had a number on them signifying the amount of tickets they would win if they got that duck.

The girls were also treated to one last swim in Keyser Lake during All Camp Swim.

Timbercrest is very thankful for everyone who attended this year and is excited for next year to start. Thank you and goodnight Girl Scouts…..remember this is not a goodbye, only a see you later.

Photos from today’s carnival can be found here.

Thursday Session 5

At the start of the day, the sun was shining brightly over Camp Timbercrest.

With the Waterfront open this morning, the girls were able to go swimming and boating.

Canoeing Along the Allegheny got dressed up in the Drama corner and then concluded their day at the Gaga Pit.

Ready to Ride and My Backpack, My Pony, and Me both got a chance to go to the barn. They also went swimming and went to arts and crafts in the afternoon.

The Mud Challengers played soccer and Gaga in the afternoon in the mud after a rain storm.

To conclude the night, Camp Timbercrest was surprised by the Lorax himself at Closing Campfire. This was the final campfire of the Timbercrest season. Campers and staff alike shared their final laughs and tears of joy for the season. Click here to see photos from tonight’s special moments.

Wednesday Session 5

For their first full day back on dry land, Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir made scrapbooks reflecting on their trip. On their trip, the girls got the chance go canoeing and complete a tippy test. They were also taught first aid necessities such as splinting, items to include in a first aid kit, and how to treat sun stroke and hypothermia. In addition to first aid, the girls were also able to learn compass and mapping skills to guide them along a hike to a waterfall. Last but not least, the girls cooked their own meals every night over a campfire. Check out photos from their trip here.

My Backpack, My Pony, and Me completed their overnight trip on horseback. Even though rain made their trip more difficult than originally anticipated, the Girl Scouts were up for the challenge. The girls gained a lot of experience on horseback going through all of the trails at Pine Hill State Park. In addition to riding horses, they also had their very own cookout.

Meanwhile back at Timbercrest, the units played board games, card games, and went to arts and crafts.

To conclude the night, Campers Choice gave the girls an opportunity to create their very own carnival game.

Goodnight Girl Scouts and be sure to check back in tomorrow for more carnival-filled activities. Photos are here.

Tuesday Session 5

Our Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir girls have finally returned home after a fun, successful day along the river. The girls came back with the biggest smiles on their faces, which is always a good sign.

The Junior Counselors in Training continued to get more familiar with the layout of Camp Timbercrest. They set up tents for their camp out, went swimming in Keyser Lake, and earned their first aid badge.

Ready to Ride gained more experience on horseback as they went for a trail ride around to Jackman’s Lodge. They also went swimming and got crafty in arts and crafts.

The Mud Challengers had a jam packed day today. They started out with archery and swimming in the morning. Then for lunch, the girls walked around Keyser Lake on the lake trail and packed a lunch. After lunch, the Mud Challengers made their own Mud Slip N’ Slide and showered afterwards, of course.

At the end of the day, each unit had their own cookout. At cookout, the girls are taught how to build their own fires and even cook their own food.

Goodnight Girl Scouts and check here for today’s photos.

Monday Session 5

The early morning at Camp Timbercrest drew a group of courageous campers to the misty water of Keyser Lake with the polar bear swim.

Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir had a great last day on their trip! Photos will be posted as soon as they return, stay tuned!

The Jr. Counselors in Training started their day with Arts and Crafts, boating, and then finished the afternoon with swimming.

Ready to Ride explored the barn and got familiar with grooming and riding the horses in the morning. After lunch, they took to the lake to cool off.

The Mud Challengers also boated this morning, then took on a challenge in the afternoon with a Mud Scavenger Hunt.

Lastly, Razzle Dazzle and Sculpt hit the showers and played gaga before lunch. They then went to the basketball court and played with chalk.

The campers ended their evening with Campers’ Choice. The options were an obstacle course, water baseball, or cornhole. They got to choose an activity outside of their unit, and meet other campers and play games.

Goodnight, sleep tight! 🙂 and check out the photos from today here.

Sunday Session 5

Camp Timbercrest has kicked off its fifth and final session of the year. This week there are five programs.

Everyone arrived at camp from 1-3 this afternoon. Once they arrived, their parents helped get them settled into their units. Once they were settled, the campers headed to the waterfront to complete their swim tests. Blue caps are the most advanced swimmers, yellow caps are in the middle, and then red caps.

This week will be carnival themed! Timbercrest will be getting into the spirit by playing carnival themed games throughout the week and making cotton candy.

To conclude the night, everyone attended Opening Campfire. At Opening Campfire, everyone comes together as a camp for the first time. Songs are sung and bonds are created. For some of these girls, they will be making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Despite communication problems along the river, we have managed to get word that the Canoeing Along the Allegheny Reservoir group is safe, sound and having fun! Stay tuned for lots more updates and photos upon their return.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see all of the exciting activities. Click here to see photos of the campers moving in and of Opening Campfire.

Thursday Session 4

As the week begins to wind down, so does Camp Timbercrest. Each unit had the chance to swim in Keyser Lake for the last time before they pack their things to go home.

The Fashionistas completed their fashion line and we would like to thank Fashion Lab New York for spending two sessions at Camp Timbercrest. The work the girls have made has been absolutely astonishing.

Ready to Ride went for their last trail ride throughout the camp. Meanwhile, My Favorite Pony played Gaga and went to Arts and Crafts.

Be Brave and Bold practiced archery for the last time before their tournament tomorrow morning before lunch. Everyday, the girls have been at archery for two hours; ALL of them have been getting better by the arrow.

The Daisies and Brownies went for a Lake Hike/Nature Walk along Keyser Lake. They also packed a lunch to take with them and ate lunch along the lake.

Canoeing the Allegheny Reservoir checked in with camp today and all is going well. The weather was fine and the girls are continuing to paddle along the reservoir.

To conclude the week, Thursday is when Timbercrest has its Closing Campfire. Closing Campfire is a special time for not only the campers, but the staff as well. We are able to sit with our units for the last time and share laughs and giggles that we will look back on.

We will say goodbye to these girls tomorrow and we will miss them dearly. Be sure to check out the photos from today. Thank you and goodnight Girl Scouts.