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Welcome to Girl Scout Summer Camp!

Girl Scouts of Western New York is proud to own Camp Timbercrest, a beautiful facility in Randolph, New York. In addition to summer camp, Camp Timbercrest hosts multiple programs and events throughout the year.

During summer camp at Camp Timbercrest, girls enjoy a variety of activities and programs for individual growth and exploration. It is an ideal place for your daughter to meet and make new friends, learn more about her abilities, and share the joy of summer with others.

Visit our website for more information on Girl Scouts of Western New York , Girl Scout Summer Camp, or Camp Timbercrest.

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  1. What time is sign in for tAcche session starting on July 12th? Our last name starts with an s. According to your packet my daughter was supposed to sign in at 2pm. When we went to drop her off yesterday, we found out that she was the last girl in her unit to arrive.

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