Camp Timbercrest Recap!

We can’t get over how great this summer was at Timbercrest. Not only did we have so many amazing programs, we saw our highest attendance in years! Thank you to everyone who came as a camper, JCIT, CIT, or staff member to help make this the best summer ever.

Below is a brief overview of each session, but check out previous posts for some day-to-day insights of camp life!

Session 1: July 8-13


Dumbledore’s Army; I’m a Go-Getter; Ready to Ride; The Great Cupcake Challenge; Quest Seekers

Photos from Session 1

Session 2: July 15-20


Daisies & Brownies Can Camp Like a G.I.R.L.; My Favorite Pony; I’m a Go-Getter; Pastry Chefs; Ready to Ride; Boots and Spurs; Timbercrest at Night; Quest Seekers

Photos from Session 2

Session 3: July 22-27


Dumbledore’s Army; I’m a Go-Getter; Ready to Ride; Survivor Camp Style; Quest Seekers

Photos from Session 3

Session 4: July 29-August 3


Daisies & Brownies Can Camp Like a G.I.R.L.; My Favorite Pony; Be Brave and Bold; I’m a Go-Getter; Ready to Ride; The Great Cupcake Challenge; Quest Seekers

Photos from Session 4

Session 5: August 5-10


Pastry Chefs; Ready to Ride; Find the Artist in You; Just My Backpack, My Pony, and Me; Quest Seekers

Photos from Session 5

Final Last Day of Camp

Today marked the final day of our 51st session of resident camp here at Timbercrest.  True to form, we had our pajama breakfast this morning.  After packing up we kept with the theme and had a messy hair lunch.  For all camp we had a counselor hunt.  This culminated with everyone gathering in the dining hall for a pinata-inspired game.  We had staff versus campers in a race to unwrap as much candy as possible from cellophane eggs – – the catch was the people doing the unwraping had to wear oven mitts!  After working up a sweat in the dining hall we headed into the lake for all camp swim.  The Counselors in Training were able to finish their TWO projects (a map and a percussion wall)!!  Then we had our last Friday Follies of the summer, complete with skits and rousing renditions of some favorite camp songs.  The horse girls headed off to dinner while the rest of camp played circle games, gaga, and drew on the basketball court.  After flag everyone not in the horse show had dinner and put on our parent program out on the Dryland one last time.

Remember, this is goodnight but not goodbye!!

Thank you everyone for an amazing summer!!!

click here for a look at our final day

Final Campfire! Thursday Session 5


Today was Camp Timbercrest’s second to last day of the summer! This morning My Backpack My Pony and Me woke up from their camp out at Pineapple Junction, and Artist in Me got up early to catch the bus for the Corning Museum of Glass! After breakfast we said farewell to Piperwood, and The Quest Seekers headed out to complete their Trailblazing badge by hiking, climbing, and crawling all over the trails and caves of Allegeny State Park. The Pastry Chefs decorated their cupcakes today, and Ready to Ride fished with one of our Core Mentors Lyric! At Corning, Artist in Me created stained glass sun catchers (which will be shipped out after camp ends), got to see a glassblowing demonstration, walk around the actual museum, and, of course, hit up the gift shop at the end.

After Siesta and All Camp Swim, Ready to Ride headed to the barn, My Pony and Me hit the showers, Artist in Me finished their clay creations, and The Pastry Chefs played Gaga!

After dinner was our final closing campfire of the season. The bell was rung at 7:30, and campers began their silent trek across the lake to the Totem Pole. A torch was canoed from the lodge to the Totem Pole, passed to each member of our staff to our camp director Edge who used it to light a bonfire. We celebrated campers and staff who have been camping with Girl Scouts of WNY for five, ten, and even 20 years! We read The Lorax and sang many many songs. We finished our night with a candle lit walk down the Friendship Path. Right hand over left, we sang Green Trees, Taps, and the Timbercrest song:


Were you there in the years when the heron

Circled high over Jackmans Bay?

Seen the flash of the sun on your paddle

As you glided across Keyser Lake?

Can you find a red eft in the forest?

Do you know where the Eagles nest?

If you do then you’ll always remember

You’re a part of Timbercrest


Goodnight Scouts!

(Check out photos of this week here!)




Wednesday Session 5


This morning Artist in Me created skits for Friday Follies and the Quest Seekers shot some arrows at Archery! My Backpack my Pony and Me got ready to go on their trail ride to Pineapple Junction! The Great Cupcake Challenge mixed and baked their cupcakes to be decorated (and eaten!!) tomorrow.

Piperwood went boating on our beautiful Keyser Lake! Some even got off and got to stand on Skipper’s Island! While visiting Timbercrest, Piperwood girls also got to spend the night listening to raindrops falling soft on the top of their tent, participate in our Buffalo Swim across the lake, go on our water toy, and share camp songs with us!

This afternoon after the Buffalo Swim, Artist in Me lead Strawberry Hill in making God’s Eyes, and then made mini clay sculptures.

(Check out pictures of this week here!)

Have a good night!


Tuesday Session 5


This morning Artist in Me woke up bright and early from their camp-out at the Spillway and headed to Polar Bear Swim. The Pastry Chefs made fondue, Ready to Ride and My Backpack my Pony and Me went on a trail ride, and the Quest Seekers spent the morning at boating and our water toy to compete for The Golden Paddle!

This Tuesday was extra special as Camp Timbercrest welcomed members of Camp Piperwood.

This afternoon after siesta and All Camp Swim, campers collected wood and made their way up to the units for their respective cookouts! Strawberry Hill made pie iron pizzas and Zoe Cakes, and Sunset had a bit of a Chopped Challenge and created food with whatever the kitchen gave them. Then after cookout Artist and Me made some beautiful tie-dye.

Check out pictures from this week here!

Good night!


Happy Monday! Session 5


This morning Artist in Me created mosaics with tissue paper on mason jars and Quest Seekers set up tents at the Spillway for their overnight tonight. My Backpack my Pony and Me and Ready to Ride spent the morning at the barn and then went boating in the afternoon. This morning Pastry Chefs created their cookbooks for this week to fill with their own recipes!

This week is just getting started!

(See pictures from this week here!)

Have a good night!


Timbercrest Session 4: Friday

Today was overcast and humid here on Lake Keyser.  The girls started their day with Pajama Breakfast and then headed back up to the units to pack and clean up for next week’s group.  The RCITs got the opportunity to have a bareback riding lesson!!  After lunch the girls were split into groups for our all camp activity – – they had to turn a cardboard box into a boat for their counselors to race in!  After all camp swim we had Friday Follies.  Then the horse girls headed to the barn to prepare for their show while the rest of camp played some last minute gaga and 4-square to wind up their final day at camp.

What a wonderful week!

(See photos of this week here!)


Say why,

Do we have to say goodbye?

Say why,

My friend,

Say why?


See you soon!