Tuesday Session 5


This morning Artist in Me woke up bright and early from their camp-out at the Spillway and headed to Polar Bear Swim. The Pastry Chefs made fondue, Ready to Ride and My Backpack my Pony and Me went on a trail ride, and the Quest Seekers spent the morning at boating and our water toy to compete for The Golden Paddle!

This Tuesday was extra special as Camp Timbercrest welcomed members of Camp Piperwood.

This afternoon after siesta and All Camp Swim, campers collected wood and made their way up to the units for their respective cookouts! Strawberry Hill made pie iron pizzas and Zoe Cakes, and Sunset had a bit of a Chopped Challenge and created food with whatever the kitchen gave them. Then after cookout Artist and Me made some beautiful tie-dye.

Check out pictures from this week here!

Good night!


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