Wednesday Session 5


This morning Artist in Me created skits for Friday Follies and the Quest Seekers shot some arrows at Archery! My Backpack my Pony and Me got ready to go on their trail ride to Pineapple Junction! The Great Cupcake Challenge mixed and baked their cupcakes to be decorated (and eaten!!) tomorrow.

Piperwood went boating on our beautiful Keyser Lake! Some even got off and got to stand on Skipper’s Island! While visiting Timbercrest, Piperwood girls also got to spend the night listening to raindrops falling soft on the top of their tent, participate in our Buffalo Swim across the lake, go on our water toy, and share camp songs with us!

This afternoon after the Buffalo Swim, Artist in Me lead Strawberry Hill in making God’s Eyes, and then made mini clay sculptures.

(Check out pictures of this week here!)

Have a good night!


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