Monday Session 4


This Monday was packed with activities! My Favorite Pony went to the Barn this morning to meet the horsies and do some chores, while Daisies and Brownies can Camp Like a G.I.R.L. attended a very cold polar bear swim and played dress up. The Great Cupcake Challenge shot some arrows and did some team building “Pony Hop Jousting.” (Find pictures of that here!) Quest Seekers hiked to the High Point, while the CITs shadowed in units.

Good night!


Session 4 Sunday

Happy Check In!

Usually, after checking in and settling in their tents, campers head down to do swim tests but due to the weather they are postponed until first thing tomorrow. But no matter! Campers participated in name games, creating a “camp-stitution,” and letting our counselors know what they wanted to do this week! After dinner was our Opening Campfire where we learned some new songs, watched some skits, met the staff, and learned some rules through the “12 Days of Camp”:


On the first day of camp,

my counselor said to me:

No running on the path!

(Cha cha cha)


Have a wonderful Sunday!

(You can find pictures of this week here!)


Core Camp Weekend Highlights

This weekend, members of our Core Camp program enjoyed lots of fun on Keyser Lake! All ages splashed around while swimming, boating, and on our water toy! They also hiked around the lake, created some crafts, and rode horses. Gaga was played, trails were walked, s’mores were eaten, and lots and lots of songs were sung!

Happy Thursday!

Camp Timbercrest is nearing the end of it’s third session! Ready to Ride performed the Flag ceremony this morning. Dumbledore’s Army got on boats and defeated the dragon to complete their Tri-Wizard Tournament, and the Survivor girls made edible campfires out of pretzels and marshmallows! The survivors also hit up the trading post and got some light-up bracelets. So cool! The Go-Getters earned their Camper badge, and the CITs lead a song at our closing campfire.


We’re a rainbow 

Made of children

We’re an army

Just singin’ our song



(Be sure to check out the pictures from this week!)


Hump Day! Session Three


This Wednesday began rather rainy but it quickly cleared up to sunny skies! Dumbledore’s Army completed the first task in the Tri-Wizard tournament, and Go-Getters learned how to tie the square knot and the clove hitch! Sprucewood went on our Summit Express water toy, and Strawberry Hill learned archery before our camp-wide Buffalo Swim across Keyser Lake! Tonight for dinner each unit had to represent a different color for a color war, and after dinner the campers could choose between volleyball, a dance party, or Chillin With Gamzee before heading off to bed.

Right at this very moment, the CITs plan to stay up as late as they can (and raid the kitchen! Shhh!)


(Be sure to check out this weeks pictures!)


Camp Timbercrest Session 3 Tuesday

Hi All,

Today was a great day at Timbercrest.  Our Survivor group held a canoe race this morning- the two tribes are the Super Soups and the Siesta Fiesta.  From their they competed in an obstacle course and went on to try their hands at raft building.  After making friendship bracelets and cardboard ukuleles they built one-match fires and competed in an iron chef challenge for their cookout.  The Strawhill girls began their day at the barn with chores.  Then they went to swim lessons.  After swim they went back to the barn for a lesson and a quick trail ride.  They went canoeing and paddle boarding after all camp swim!!  Then rounded out the night with some delicious pie iron pizzas at cookout.  Sunset had a busy day setting up tents for their camp out at the lean-to tonight.  They also played tons of circle games and built their campfire for their cookout where they feasted on a one-pot meal of breakfast burritos! The Riding CITs spent their morning at the barn while Salsa, our CIT, helped run activities with the Survivor group.  They all earned their one-match fire patch before gorging on a dinner of cheeseburgers (with bacon on top) and delicious s’macos (s’more taco) for desert!!

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Monday Camp Timbercrest Session 3

We had an active day here on Lake Keyser dodging the rain!  Units began the morning with swim tests.  Sunset went on to craft duct tape flowers, flower crowns, and wands.  Then they played on the Water Toy and attended all-camp swim.  Strawhill kicked off their morning with some barn chores and horseback riding!  They went to all-camp swim and made friendship bracelets.  The Survivor girls played some gaga and “Moonball” (camp’s version of keep-it-up) and then came into the lodge to play Apples to Apples.  After all-camp swim they built fairy houses and miniature shelters.  The counselors-in-training all got their manuals today and found a mysterious plant that appears to be blue as it grows from the ground by the gaga pit.  After dinner everyone gathered for their choice of: S.P.U.D, Quidditch, friendship bracelet making, or board games.  The Survivor Girls and the (R)CITs are having their overnight out at the Totem pole tonight.

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