Camp Timbercrest Session 3 Tuesday

Hi All,

Today was a great day at Timbercrest.  Our Survivor group held a canoe race this morning- the two tribes are the Super Soups and the Siesta Fiesta.  From their they competed in an obstacle course and went on to try their hands at raft building.  After making friendship bracelets and cardboard ukuleles they built one-match fires and competed in an iron chef challenge for their cookout.  The Strawhill girls began their day at the barn with chores.  Then they went to swim lessons.  After swim they went back to the barn for a lesson and a quick trail ride.  They went canoeing and paddle boarding after all camp swim!!  Then rounded out the night with some delicious pie iron pizzas at cookout.  Sunset had a busy day setting up tents for their camp out at the lean-to tonight.  They also played tons of circle games and built their campfire for their cookout where they feasted on a one-pot meal of breakfast burritos! The Riding CITs spent their morning at the barn while Salsa, our CIT, helped run activities with the Survivor group.  They all earned their one-match fire patch before gorging on a dinner of cheeseburgers (with bacon on top) and delicious s’macos (s’more taco) for desert!!

Click here for images from our Flickr account


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