Monday Camp Timbercrest Session 3

We had an active day here on Lake Keyser dodging the rain!  Units began the morning with swim tests.  Sunset went on to craft duct tape flowers, flower crowns, and wands.  Then they played on the Water Toy and attended all-camp swim.  Strawhill kicked off their morning with some barn chores and horseback riding!  They went to all-camp swim and made friendship bracelets.  The Survivor girls played some gaga and “Moonball” (camp’s version of keep-it-up) and then came into the lodge to play Apples to Apples.  After all-camp swim they built fairy houses and miniature shelters.  The counselors-in-training all got their manuals today and found a mysterious plant that appears to be blue as it grows from the ground by the gaga pit.  After dinner everyone gathered for their choice of: S.P.U.D, Quidditch, friendship bracelet making, or board games.  The Survivor Girls and the (R)CITs are having their overnight out at the Totem pole tonight.

Click here for images from our Flickr account

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