Camp Memories: Emily Garrick

Camp touches us all in unique ways. Former camper and continued activist Emily Garrick shares her feelings about Camp Timbercrest:

“Camp Timbercrest changed my life. Because of Camp I have met so many amazing, wonderful women who are very important in my life. At Timbercrest I learned the leadership skills that I use every day at my job. I loved Timbercrest then, and I always will!

I attended Timbercrest for 10 years as a camper and six as a counselor. My current involvement is that I founded Friends of Timbercrest with my mother, which is an organization of Timbercrest alumnae and friends who work together to preserve, care for, and promote Camp Timbercrest.”

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Emily is featured in the center of this photo, wearing the red cross country hoodie. This was taken during a Fall 2018 work weekend where members of the group dedicated their time to improving the Camp Timbercrest grounds. 

Send your girl a care package this summer

Make your girl feel special this summer and send her a care package while she’s at camp. The process is simple: when you’re registering her for camp, select that you would like to send a care package. We’ll need you to include her name, camp, and the session she will be attending when ordering.

From there, we’ll handle everything! The total cost is $5 (including tax), and it includes a stuffed animal, journal with pen, camp patch, water bottle, drawstring bag, and a few extra surprises! Essentially it’s everything she needs to take her camp experience to another level.

The perfect combination of camp and cookies

We all know how great both Girl Scout camp and cookies are, but do you know what’s even better? When they go together! Because they’re two of passions around Girl Scouts, you could say they’re the perfect pair.

This Girl Scout Cookie Season, we have a lot of excellent recognition rewards for our girls that sell, but today we want to highlight how selling cookies can get you to camp.

If you sell 1000+ packages of cookies this year, you can earn ONE FREE WEEK at GSWNY summer camp! Not to mention all the prizes that come before, like narwhal gear, patches, Amazon gift cards, GSWNY Program Reward Cards and Darien Lake season tickets.

We know some troops make it their goal to send all their girls to camp with their cookie money, so we can’t wait to see what you do! As a reminder, booths start March 3, 2019!

Your complete summer camp checklist

Don’t miss a beat of planning with our comprehensive GSWNY Summer Camp Checklist! You can view the list below or download your own here!

GSWNY Resident Camp Checklist

Camp Registration

·        Start camp registration at

·        Camp registration form done on

·        Check drop off times for camp (and bus times, if
applicable) in Camp Information Packet

·        Payment or camp deposit ($25 per session)
attached or payment online if using

·        Review Camp Information Packet online at

Financial Aid Request

·        Request financial aid on

Health and Parent Forms on

·        Health forms

·        Parent info, emergency contacts, and insurance

·        Diet and activity, health history, allergies

·        Authorization/pick-up form

·        Any other medical/parent forms

·        Immunizations – parent scans and uploads to

·        Medications form to be filled out by physician then parent uploads

·        Medical exam form from physician uploads to

Camp Payments

·        Camp balances are due no later than two weeks prior to the start of camp

·        Payment can be made online on, by mail, or in person
at any council office

The week before camp

·        Review camp information packet on

·        Check drop off times for camp in Camp Information Packet and bus times, if applicable

·        Review camp packing list in the Camp Information Packet attached or online if using



Reasonable accommodations for your camper

We want your girl to go to camp, and we want to make that a reality however possible. We’ve already talked about the availability of financial assistance, but that’s not all we can do.

As Girl Scouts, we understand every girl has her own needs and we want to make any reasonable accommodation possible to meet them so she can enjoy summer camp. We don’t believe in letting someone be excluded without trying our best.

If your girl requires special accommodations, including transportation, diet, food restrictions, extra supervision, etc., please contact us BEFORE registering your girl for camp. This will help us evaluate the need and determine possible accommodations that could safely and reasonably be made for you child.

To discuss your options, call 1-888-837-6410 or email

Camperships are available for your girl

At Girl Scouts, we believe in the value of camp. Since our beginnings, getting girls outside has been one of our primary areas of focus. In fact, it currently stands as one of our four program pillars – STEM, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Outdoors.

Knowing how important it is for girls to go outdoors, we want to make sure every girl has the opportunity. Our goal is always to make sure that no one is excluded from our program for any reason, including financial.

If your girl is a member of Girl Scouts of Western New York, we have financial aid options available for her. The Summer Camp Financial Assistance Application needs to be completed asap for consideration.

To apply, register for camp and fill out the financial aid application included. Physical forms can be picked up at our service centers.

Horses and More at Camp Timbercrest

What can you expect when you attend a horse program at Camp Timbercrest? Here’s a video that highlights the 2018 program Horses and More, and below are 2019’s horse programs and a link to register!

2019 Horse Programs at Camp Timbercrest

Session 1 – July 7 to 12

  • Ready to Ride (girls in grades 4-6 in fall 2019)

Session 2 – July 14 to 19

  • Ready to Ride (girls in grades 4-6 in fall 2019)
  • Just My Backpack, My Pony, and Me (girls in grades 7-12 in fall 2019)

Session 3 – July 21 to 26

  • Ready to Ride (girls in grades 4-6 in fall 2019)

Session 4 – July 28 to August 2

  • My Favorite Pony (girls in grades 1-3 in fall 2019)
  • Ready to Ride (girls in grades 4-6 in fall 2019)

Session 5 – August 4 to 9

  • Ready to Ride (girls in grades 4-6 in fall 2019)
  • Just My Backpack, My Pony, and Me (girls in grades 7-12 in fall 2019)

Register for Camp