Your complete summer camp checklist

Don’t miss a beat of planning with our comprehensive GSWNY Summer Camp Checklist! You can view the list below or download your own here!

GSWNY Resident Camp Checklist

Camp Registration

·        Start camp registration at

·        Camp registration form done on

·        Check drop off times for camp (and bus times, if
applicable) in Camp Information Packet

·        Payment or camp deposit ($25 per session)
attached or payment online if using

·        Review Camp Information Packet online at

Financial Aid Request

·        Request financial aid on

Health and Parent Forms on

·        Health forms

·        Parent info, emergency contacts, and insurance

·        Diet and activity, health history, allergies

·        Authorization/pick-up form

·        Any other medical/parent forms

·        Immunizations – parent scans and uploads to

·        Medications form to be filled out by physician then parent uploads

·        Medical exam form from physician uploads to

Camp Payments

·        Camp balances are due no later than two weeks prior to the start of camp

·        Payment can be made online on, by mail, or in person
at any council office

The week before camp

·        Review camp information packet on

·        Check drop off times for camp in Camp Information Packet and bus times, if applicable

·        Review camp packing list in the Camp Information Packet attached or online if using



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