Timbercrest Session 4: Friday

It was a humid and overcast day here on Keyser Lake.  The girls started with a pajama breakfast and then headed up to the units to clean and pack.  The RCITs had a bareback riding lesson!  After lunch we had all camp where girls had to devise a way to make a cardboard box into a boat and their counselors had to maneuver it from our boating dock to our water toy!

After all camp some girls participated in all camp swim while others went to archery or played gaga.  We rounded out our final day with Friday Follies where everyone who wanted to could showcase a talent.  We had several singers, a few skits, and even a puppet show!  The horse girls left for an early dinner so they could prepare for their show tonight while the rest of camp played gaga and 4-square or basketball.  It was a great end to a great week!

click here to see images from our Flickr account

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