Thursday Session 4


This Thursday our campers completed their respective programs. What a busy week! This morning the Daisies and Brownies along with My Favorite Pony woke up from their overnight at Banana Boat while the Quest Seekers had a sleep in breakfast. The Great Cupcake challenge presented their cupcakes to an esteemed panel of judges (our camp director Edge and our village director Seashell) before serving them as dessert for tonight’s dinner. Delicious!

Ready to Ride and My Favorite Pony went on a trail ride while the Daisies and Brownies completed their Outdoor Adventure and Hiker badges. Brave and Bold shot some arrows, and this afternoon even made their own bows! Tonight was our closing campfire across the lake at the Totem Pole. This campfire was especially special as we gathered around the edge of the lake and watched the fire afloat on two canoes connected by an old wire bed frame (<- See pictures of tonight and the rest of the week on our blog here)

This week went by so fast!



I want to linger


A little longer


A little longer here with you



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