CITs 7/24/14

Today the CITs worked really hard at their two kapers of program center and showers. Then we worked on training and also found time to write letters for “letter lunch.” We did arts and crafts where Hello began sewing a hacky-sack while the rest of us worked on letters or boondoggle. Then we went to archery and tried our skills at balloon targets. (We managed to get three!)

After lunch we relaxed with me time.  Then it was on to boating, Voldemort (He Who Should Not Be Named) came up with the idea of kayak capture-the-flag, which was tons of fun! Then we learned about the different types of bullying and did a role-playing game for our BFF (Be a Friend First) program,which went immensely well. After dinner it was time for this week’s closing campfire.  The CITs sang Amsterdam, Bucket, Circle Game, and Silver Birch for campfire.



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