Cold Morning

Thursday morning started out pretty cold and the campers kept their long sleeved shirts close at hand. The morning went well as the Ride ‘Em Cowgirls got to go on their trail lunch and passed by others as they went to archery and did some arts and crafts.  The morning seemed a little slow at first, more so because there wasn’t any sun, but that didn’t stop the girls from enjoying themselves.

At lunch we had a letter lunch where everyone could write a letter to someone at camp and put it in their mail box for them to read at me time.  It was a huge success as the girls just brought up tons of letters for other campers and staff to read.  Then lunch was a huge baked potato with cheese, bacon, sour cream, butter as well as salad on which you could have ham or turkey. After lunch it was off to me time for the girls to relax.

Sadly me time was over (pretty fast it seemed) as the girls started popping out of their tents and heading to their next activities with their counselors. Seems like it is lots of hiking today with a few units with some boating and swimming thrown in there. But, of course, the wranglers are out on the trail with their horses enjoying the outdoors.

Tonight is our closing campfire for our girls in Strawberry Hill for they are our one-weekers this week. All of camp is coming to campfire to see them off the right way at camp: with our closing campfire. Now with campfire over, it is time for the campers to head back to the unit with their counselors for a good night’s rest for a busy tomorrow.

Pictures for the Day


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    • Hi Kathy, The photos are not available for purchase but you can download them for free. To do this, go to the photo you would like to download and click the white arrow that is pointing down to a line (toward the bottom right of the webpage). Once downloaded, you would be able to save the images or print them. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading!

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