CITs 7-23-14

Today the CITs from Camp Seven Hills helped us with doing the flag kaper. Then we had breakfast. After packing up, we stopped briefly at the trading post.

We gave the visiting CITs a tour of Timbercrest! This involved hiking back to the lean-to and a lot of singing by the Seven Hills CITs.  On the return trek, we meandered up through Sunset, Straw Hill, and Sprucewood.

Then it was off to arts and crafts, where we made each other clay beads. Then we learned about different age levels of Girl Scouting as part of our training.  After lunch we said goodbye (until next week) to the Camp Seven Hills CITs.

We had me time and headed tot he Buffalo swim. Frodo scaled the lake and was back in a mere 9:32 (while it was drizzling no less)! Then it was time for cookout. We had our fire roaring in no time and pigged out on delicious foil dinners and two s’mores each! After showers we joined in with Hawthorne on their movie night. All in all, a great day at camp!



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