Cloudy Humid Day

Today seemed like it was going to rain all day.  The humidity was pretty high but with no sun it wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday.  The campers set out to breakfast for some bagels and egg and potato omelets before going to do their first activity of the day. The activities went into full swing as the girls were having a blast. The wranglers set out for their trail lunch today so no ring work, which I think they liked just as much as the horses. Archery was a big hit this morning with a couple of the units as they picked up their bows and took aim, while others did some arts and crafts and played gaga.

Lunch came upon us fast as the girls filled the dining hall and sat down, ready for chicken patties. As me time came, we had a nice quick downfall of rain that was enough where everyone got pretty wet. Thankfully, it didn’t last long, so everyone headed up to their units for relaxing time. After me time on Wednesdays, the whole camp gets to part take in buffalo swim where girls get to swim across the lake with counselors and the lifeguards for fun. Also Wednesday is cookout night where the girls make their own dinners at their units. Though if this rain keeps up they will probably have to cook them in the lodge but here is hoping it is at their units. This makes it easier not having to share with another unit. The lovely two-weekers get to do it twice, so they are going to be experts when they go home.

With cookout over, it is an optional all camp movie night or they can hang out in their units and sing songs or do some games. But with the rain, I believe they thought it was safer that the units not get soak before bed.

Pictures for the Day


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