Awesome Sunny Day

Well the sun is shining and the girls are out and about today.  The ride ’em cowgirls got a nice sunny lesson that ended with them doing their stretches on the horses. Ohers had some unit activities, archery and swimming, which sounds great for how hot it feels right now. As lunch draws near, you can hear the girls’ tummies start to rumble knowing it is almost time to stuff them full and have some me time in the units afterwards.

With me time over and the campers heading out to their next activities, the sun is still shining brightly. The wranglers’ time to ride is now as they tack up their horses and bring them in the ring to ride. Others head out to do some boating for the afternoon, as well as some archery and sports but, most of all, lots of swimming is being done. Swimming is a good idea for the wonderful hot day. Dinner!!

Dinner has past and it is time for Camper’s Choice. The campers go to the locations where they need to be and start their activities. Today’s Camper’s Choice, we had activities like duct tape roses to learning how to French braid hair. All the activities were really big hits as the campers smiled and talk with each other.  With the activities over, it is time for the units to get back together and do one last thing before it is time to lay down and sleep. Though by this time most campers are ready to head back and relax from a busy day, but I would say even more so today because of how very hot it was all day.

Good night to all the campers!

Pictures of the Day


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