CITs 7-22-14

We arrived early to breakfast to set tables.  Then we hurried to clean Jackman’s Lodge to be able to welcome the CITs from Camp Seven Hills Goodyear!  After showers and wand making in arts and crafts, our fellow CITs arrived!

We spent the hour leading up to lunch playing name games and doing some team-building activities with the 10 Seven Hills CITs and their director. After getting everyone settled into Jackman’s, we spent our afternoon enjoying the waterfront.  We went kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating and then played on the water trampoline.

After dinner we had camper’s choice. Then we had a campfire with just the CITs where we got to make chocolate lava cake and sing along with the Camp Seven Hills guitar players. Then we played “manhunt” which is sort of like hide-and-seek only in the dark in the woods.  We can’t wait for more fun with our guest’s tomorrow!



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