Beginning for the CITs

It was the first full day of camp for the CITs! After showers this morning, we tried our hand at some archery with the new bows. A few of us, including Butterfly and Voldy, managed to hit the target.  Then KK took us on a quest to find the wishing well but we only succeeded in getting muddy during our meander through the forest. There’e always next time!

After yummy tacos for lunch and me time, we got to play gaga and visit the trading post. In arts and crafts we made name tags and also began painting rocks to help out with next week’s all camp. Then we did some work with BFF (Be a Friend First), which is our anti-bulling program, and headed to dinner.

After dinner we did “camper’s choice” where we could pick between Boondoggle, face painting, hula hooping and board games. Most of us opted for boondoggling. Next we got our CIT manuals and worked on making our goals for the summer. Bedtime is now here. 🙂



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