Hot Sticky Day

The morning started out partly sunny and not too bad on the humidity, though as the day went on, the humidity got worse. The riding girls were happy this morning because it was nice and sunny to ride, while the other campers got in some swimming, archery, and arts and crafts. But I believe that the waterfront was the most popular of all because of the hot morning.

Lunch is here and it is TACO time!  Everyone was getting their fill of tacos and enjoying the time to sit and relax as they ate. Me time was next. The campers were happy to rest after eating the taco and corn and to store up energy for the afternoon activities, hoping that the thunder storm won’t have hit us yet. Time for the next activities and there was no rain to be seen, so the excitement is there.

Afternoon activities were in full swing and the campers were out and about doing unit activities together and games while others did some boating and archery. The horse girls spent time at the barn all jumpy from excitement for their first lesson of the week. The afternoon was still beautiful and no rain like it was saying, so I say it was a wonderful day. Then it was time for dinner.

Dinner was BBQ chicken wings and breast, salad, and mixed vegetables. Everyone chowed down like it was going out of style. With dinner over, it was time for Camper’s Choice, for which there was a good variety of different activities for them to choose, from face painting to hula hoop madness. Once Camper’s choice was over, it was time for the units to head back to their tents and start to relax and head to bed.

Picture for the Day


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