Tuesday A Cloudy Day

The day started out normal with girls coming to flag and breakfast.  But Hawthorne and Sprucewood had a sleep in breakfast so the girls could do just that – sleep in and then have breakfast.  The day went normal with fun activities like swimming and boating, while the Ride ‘Em Cowgirls rode this morning. When it was time for lunch it was still a cloudy day. The sun did poke though a few times but, sadly, it was pretty cold as well. After lunch it was time for me time and the girls to relax after this morning’s activities.

Time for the afternoon activities to start.  This afternoon the girls were busier than before with riding for the wranglers while others were swimming, boating, doing archery, and also working on some arts and crafts. The girls were their normal selves as they played around with their counselors in tow.  Sooner than they knew, it was time for dinner. The theme for dinner was silent dinner where no one could speak, not even the counselors. If anyone did, they would have one utensil taken away and then another until they had to eat with just their hands. Even after that it could have been where they could have even just eaten with their mouth only.  Needless to say the girls did great and I don’t believe anyone got that far – just a few forks taken away, so they are champs at it, I would say.

Dinner is now over and it is it beach party time, which is being held by Straw Hill down in the program center. We had some face painting, singing, dancing, and, of course, there is no party without some music. The beach party was a blast, but the girls weren’t done. They had a field day full of games right afterward, where we held paper airplane contests, archery, relay races, and a game based off of PAC-man.  So the girls went to bed tired and happy from a day filled with fun and laughter.

Pictures for the Day


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