Cold Rainy Day

Today started out gloomy and rainy as everyone made their way to breakfast. No flag this morning because of the rain. It was light and only lasted for a little, while which didn’t stop anyone from swimming or boating this morning as planned. Straw Hill had a sleep in breakfast, but right after, they headed over to archery to sharpen their skills with a bow. The light rain didn’t even stop the girls in Hawthorne from going on their hike. By lunch, the sun was out and shining down on camp.

With me time here, the girls headed up to their units to relax. After me time, it was time for the buffalo swim, where the girls get to swim across the lake if they please. Sadly, just when it was time, it started to thunder, which lasted a good hour. We had maybe a sprinkle that whole time, but no swimming is allowed when it is thundering, so everyone seemed pretty bummed about it. Now off to cook outs for the night as the girls and their counselors grabbed their food and went to start their fires. Everyone had a little bit of trouble getting it going, thanks to the lovely rain, but all the girls were successful in starting a fire. With their tummies full, it was time for the girls to do their late night activities before bed.

Good night, Timbercrest!


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