Last Day of Week 3

Today was the last day for our one-week campers and for our two weekers, it was just another day.  For the one-weekers, the morning went on like normal with breakfast and then back up to the unit to pack, while the two-weekers played some field games and BFF activities.  Then everyone joined together at the singing stairs for Friday Follies, where the girls and some counselors sang songs and some campers did a stomp show.

After Friday Follies, lunch was served, which was pizza and a salad bar.  With me time close behind lunch, the girls got ready for all-camp counselor hunt!  This is where the counselors hide and the campers are put into groups by numbers. The CITs lead them around the camp to find the counselors.  Once time is up, everyone came back and we announced how much each counselor was worth to see who would win.  After all-camp, all the units played field games till it was time for dinner.

With dinner over, the two-weekers head back to their units for campfire snacks while Straw Hill (one-weekers) head over for the parent program. Straw Hill sang their song for their parents and headed off into the sunset, saying goodbye as it was their last day.  Now it is quiet because the campers are laying down in bed either getting sung to sleep or being read to.

Good night and see you Sunday!

Pictures for the Day


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