Mario Kart Tuesday

Tuesday was a wonderful day. The CITs practiced their target skills at archery this morning, and then headed to the waterfront to paddle the lake in kayaks and canoes.  After lunch, they sat down with Seashell, the CIT director to complete some of their training.

Strawberry Hill spent the morning boating and playing strategic board games like clue to go along with this weeks “game craze” theme. In the afternoon, Strawberry Hill splashed around in the lake, and rinsed off in the shower.

Tuesday morning, Sprucewood took down their tents and unpacked from their adventure-filled overnight in the volleyball field. Then, in the afternoon the horse girls headed to the barn to work on their riding skills. They are also looking forward to their movie night last night.

Hawthorne had a great day too. Tuesday morning Hawthorne went back to the Trading Post to do more shopping, and then went to the barn. In the afternoon, they cooled off in the lake. Tonight is Campers Choice. The choices are rounders, spud, or butterfly mobiles.

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