Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Readers! This entry is for Wednesday July 31st.

The sun has come out today and Camp Timbercrest is back to being warm and beautiful.  The girls are loving it! We have our cookouts tonight, which means every unit will be making its own food instead of eating inside the dining halls. It’s a lot of fun, and the girls enjoy being able to be creative. Tacos in a bag is the most popular cookout meal. Each girl is given a bag of Doritos that she fills with taco meat, lettuce, and other taco toppings.

Today we have our Buffalo Swim that all girls are encouraged to go on, but not forced. It’s a swim to the other side of the lake and back, and it’s quite a challenge!

Hawthorne’s group will do a lot of arts and crafts today, especially the duct tape girls!  They will also go swimming. The Duct Tape Art girls will make Duct Tape accessories and the riding girls will go riding as well as horse maintenance.

Jackman’s Lodge 1st Timers are leaving today, and we’re very sad to see them go.  They were so sweet and cute, but I’m sure their parents are delighted to have them back.  They spent time packing and cleaning earlier today, and after they completed their chores they went for a nice swim and for some water lessons.  The horse girls went up to the barn as usual, and the rest of the girls played parachute games.  The Brownie Lover’s Horse Club will have an overnight.

Sprucewood’s Bridals and Bits girls are going on a trail lunch today.  That’s when they pack a lunch, and go riding to a different destination to eat.  A true Western lunch!  Sprucewood will also go swimming and to the archery range.

Strawberry Hill’s girls are going for a splash hike, boating, and going for the Buffalo Swim. They will also do some Project Adventure activities and go to Sunset Hill’s party.

Sunset Hill won’t be in the dining hall at all today! They’re waking up late at 10 a.m. and going for a floating lunch. A floating lunch is when the girls pack a lunch and eat it on the canoes. They also are going for a Buffalo swim and doing arts and crafts. Tonight they’re having a party that all the units are invited to, so they’ll be preparing for the party and making decorations. In true Girl Scout fashion, they’ll clean up after themselves once the party is done.


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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Would you happen to have a picture of Gigi Ceravolo from session 5 on her horse? I didn’t see one on the pictures posted on flicker.



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  2. Kim Anderson, all photos from last week are currently posted. The photos are intended to show a sampling of girls around camp.

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