Slightly Chilly Sunday

Hello readers! Welcome to Around the World Week.

This is Iris; I’ve returned to Camp Timbercrest, and I’ll be writing the blog for the rest of the summer. A big thank you to Ryce for doing such an awesome job while I was away!

Sundays are always busy but a ton of fun. We have quite a few horse girls this week; Bridals and Bits and Saddle Up will be taking a horse riding evaluation today. The Brownie Horse Lover’s Club will do swim tests instead, since they haven’t had much (or any) riding experience before. The rest of the camp will also take their swimming test.

After a tour of camp, the girls were taught the rules of camp. We also have a fun song called the Rules of Camp, which we sang at campfire. Some of the rules include no running on the path, don’t pick your nose, and always stay with a buddy.

Every Sunday we have a camp-wide campfire where every unit sings a song or two that the rest of the camp joins in on. Normally we sing both a slow song and a fast song, but today the chilly weather called our campfire early so we could all retire back to our nice warm sleeping bags. Cold nights are perfect for cuddling up with a stuffed animal. Did your child or children bring a warm fuzzy stuffy to cuddle with? I did! Mine is a large pink bunny-rabbit named Rupert.

New photos of the campfire won’t be up until tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can take a look at some older photos.

It’s great to be back!

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