Happy Friday!

Hello Readers,

It’s Friday, time for many of our girls to pack up and go home! Today we had a camp-wide all swim that everyone could join. Everyone participated in our counselor hunt, even me!  I hid in the bushes and took pictures of anyone who found me.

Sunset will have its horse program today, as well as packing and all of the other fun activities.

Sprucewood will do letterboxing, gaga, and the horse girls will be in the horse program.

Strawberry Hill will enjoy banana pops and badge work. Then they will visit the archery range.

I’m excited to meet any readers I’ve had! I will be leaving for two weeks to go to Camp Seven Hills as their head cook, but Ryce will take over blogging for me. It’s been lovely!  I’ll talk to everyone again when I return.

Photo Gallery


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