Terrific Thursday

Hello Readers!

Some technical difficulties delayed Thursday’s posting, but here it is for today!

We had our camp-wide campfire, where everyone from all the units attends.  We sang fast songs and slow songs as well as our very own Camp Timbercrest song.

Sunset went for a hike and tackled some Project Adventure activities. Project Adventure encourages teamwork and leadership in the spirit of adventure and discovery. The horse girls fed the horses and had lessons while the sailing girls went sailing.

Sprucewood’s Geo girls made letter boxes and gummy snacks. They also had a nice long swim, including swimming games.

Strawberry Hill had a breakfast cookout. The horse girls rode and fed the horses, as well as had a trail lunch. After that they had swimming lessons and finished up with a lovely bubble bath before going to  the campfire.

Have any of your girls sang the Camp Timbercrest song? Here are the lyrics so you can sing along next time they sing it.

Camp Timbercrest

Have you sat by the glow of a campfire

While the flames cast a flickering light,

Or heard the last call of a blackbird

As he settled down for the night?

Spent an afternoon listening to raindrops,

Falling soft on the top of your tent,

Seen the lake as shimmered at sunset,

And considered that moment well spent?

Were you there in the years when the heron

Circled high over Jackman’s Bay,

Seen the splash of the sun on your paddle

As you glided across Keyser Lake?

Can you find a red eft in the forest?

Do you know where the eagles nest?

If you do, then you’ll always remember.

You’re a part of Timbercrest.

(If you’re curious, a red eft is a very brightly colored newt.)

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One thought on “Terrific Thursday

  1. Can’t wait to share stories with Brynn from her first trip! I camped almost 25 years ago still remember the song and feel at home at Timbercrest! Thanks for making great memories for the girls!

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