Buffalo Swim and Cookouts

Hello Readers!

Today we are having our Buffalo Swim, which is a leisurely, fun swim to the other side of the lake and back.  All of the camp is invited to do it. No one is made to participate, but many girls are excited to swim!  Plus, we have cookouts tonight for every unit, which should be yummy!

Sunset’s horse girls are going on a trail ride today, and the sailing girls will be sailing.  The unit plans to take a trip to the Ga-ga circle and have a beach party after their cookout.

Sprucewood will go geocaching, have their cookout, participate in the Buffalo swim, and make slime.

The JCITs are shadowing people today. Thumper is with Kelpie, Shark Bait is with Charlie, and Moose is with the kitchen staff.  Later on they will play board games and get ready for their cookout.

Straw Hill will go to the archery range. I wish them luck in getting a bullseye!  They also will make banana pops, ride and feed the horses, and play Ga-ga, a sport similar to dodgeball.  The goal of the game is to hit the other player below the knees, without being hit yourself.

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