Rainy Day

Hello Parents!

It’s a rainy day here at Camp Timbercrest, but hopefully it’ll clear up.

We started off with a full English breakfast of baked beans, hash browns, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and sausage.  It was very unique and yummy!

There is a camp-wide All Camp today, which should be a ton of fun.

Tonight we will have a Utensil Dinner, which means that everyone will be given an odd utensil to use (such as a soup ladle) to eat with.

The rain might put a bit of a damper on the planned events, but we can always find something fun to do here at Camp Timbercrest.

Three girls from Sunset braved the cold and went for a Polar Bear swim!  That’s when the girls wake up early before breakfast and go into the lake.  Brrr!  Their plans for the day include archery and sports.

The horse girls will either go riding or participate in other horse activities.

The sailing girls will be going down to the waterfront to sail or learn more about boating.

Sprucewood is having a fun day of Gross-ology, including making oobleck and dirt cups.  They will be going boating and having a lovely night hike.

Strawberry Hill’s horse girls will be riding or learning more about horses.  They have planned a very long hike, including a scavenger hunt!

The Junior CITs will be shadowing staff members this morning.  Moose will be shadowing Herbs. Thumper will be shadowing the Waterfront staff, and Shark Bait will be shadowing the Kitchen Staff.  They also plan on taking a trip to the archery range, as well as arts and crafts.

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