Amazing Monday

Hello Parents!

We started out with a simple but yummy breakfast of juice, cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt.

It’s a bit of an overcast day here at Camp Timbercrest, but we’re determined to have a wonderful and fun day.  The weather forecast predicts thunderstorms, but there are plenty of things to do inside! The girls are learning Camp Timbercrest’s songs, and they’re picking up on the songs fast!

Sunset Hill’s horse girls will go for a ride, depending on the weather.  They also will be setting up tents, and playing with the camp’s black light.

Strawberry Hill’s horse girls will also go for a ride! Tonight they are having an overnight, and doing arts and crafts including boondoggling.  The girls always love boondoggle and having things to take home.

Sprucewood will be tie-dying. I can’t wait to see what they make!

Gross-ology is making Oobleck, which I’ve been told is a substance that hardens when you touch it, but goes back to a liquid when it’s put down.

The Geocaching girls will be starting their program.

Photo gallery 

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