Whimsical Weekend!

When campers stay for a two-week session, they get to experience a more laid-back version of camp. Saturday morning we all were able to sleep in and then had a delicious brunch that included a wide array of foods such as French toast, cereal bars, yogurt, juice, sandwiches, and soup! The French toast was even made by Loki, our camp director.

Just a few of the activities the campers participated in this weekend include tie dye, crafts, baking brownies, a splash hike, and a trail ride for the horse girls. After dinner everyone had ice cream sundaes and watched Camp Rock one and two.

Today a new set of campers is coming in for our fourth week of camp. The new programs coming in are Gross-ology, the Wonderful World of Service Animals, Camper Sampler, and Tent, Trail and Canoe/Kayak. After checking in, the campers will take swim tests, the horse girls will take riding tests, and this evening the whole camp will have an opening campfire full of cheesy songs and skits.

See some pictures!

2 thoughts on “Whimsical Weekend!

  1. I’ve been checking the site for updates as I’m interested to see what the campers have been doing. Can the information be updated? Thanks so much!

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