Monday Clash Day

Hello Readers! Welcome to Ready, Set, Design week.

Today is Monday the fifth, and we’re having a fun Clash Day. That’s when everyone wears clothing that mismatches and wears crazy hair!

Jackman’s Lodge is going boating. They will also set tables for the camp, which means putting plates, silverwear, cups, and napkins at each table. After that, they will do some arts and crafts and Project Adventure as well as pack for their overnight. An overnight is when the unit sleeps out in tents under the stars; normally they pack backpacks and take a little hike to get there.

Sunset Hill’s horse girls are going riding as well as doing horse care. They will also go swimming, play gaga, and go star gazing. They will feed the horses before dinner. Star gazing should be perfect tonight; the stars are easiest to view on a cold night.

Sprucewood’s girls are going to play volleyball, go swimming, and set up for the overnight.  They are also going on an overnight tonight! Their geocaching group will work on geocaching, and they will also go boating.

Strawberry Hill will go swimming and boating, and go for a ride. They will also make pet rocks. Most people have heard of pet rocks, but in case you haven’t, I’ll describe it. Each girl takes a rock and decorates it with what she wants and then gives it a name.

Hawthorn will set up their tents for their overnight first. They will also go for a splash hike, write some letters, go boating, go for a swim and play a team-building game. They will also have an overnight.

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