Terrific Tuesday

Hello Readers!

This entry is for Tuesday, the sixth.

Today we are having a camp-wide all camp, where all units on camp participate! I will post more information about our all-camp activities with my Wednesday update.

Jackman’s Lodge will go swimming and have a splash hike. A splash hike is where the girls walk around camp and find puddles to jump in! Sometimes they hike up to little creeks and jump in. After All Camp, Jackman’s Lodge will have a sparkle party!

Sprucewood slept in this morning and had a jungle breakfast, which is when their breakfast is put in paper bags and hung in trees. The girls grab their breakfast down from the trees and enjoy their food.  After, they are going to make geocaching devices. Then they will got to the archery range, play some soccer, and go boating.

Strawberry Hill’s horse girls are spending the morning riding and doing horse maintenance. They will then set up for their overnight, go swimming, and attend All Camp. After all camp, they will head out for their overnight.

Sunset Hill will go to the archery range and play Gaga, a variation of dodgeball that started in Isreal. They will also go riding and attend all camp.

Hawthorne is also having a jungle breakfast, going swimming, and doing some badge work. They will go to the archery range, attend All Camp, and later on they will have some campfire snacks. Did you ever have campfire snacks as a child? Do you have a favorite?

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