Wacky Hair Wednesday

Hello Readers!

Yesterday for All Camp, everyone was invited in for a dip in our pond. We also had some girls make paracord bracelets, do some finger knitting, and a few girls played Monkey in the Middle.

Today is crazy hair day. Everyone is encouraged to wear their hair as crazy and wild as possible! We are also having our cookouts tonight. Every unit will make their food over a campfire! That is unless it rains. Let’s hope for clear skies! We are also going to have a Buffalo Swim, which is where the girls swim from one end of the lake, run up to the totem pole, and swim back.

Sprucewood’s Geocaching girls will be looking for Geocaching points. They will also play volleyball and some games in the field as well as participate in the Buffalo Swim. They will also play gaga, have their cook out, and make some masks.

Jackman’s Lodge will go swimming and have a bubble bath after lunch. Then they will have their cook out, and the first timers will go home. We’ll be sad to see them go! While the first timers put on a parent program, the Make New Friends group will play Gaga.

Strawberry Hill’s girls will go riding and do horse maintenance. They will be at the barn most of the morning. After, they will go swimming, have their cookout, and work on some badge work after they’ve eaten.

Hawthorn’s girls will sailing and boat, go for a hike, do some tye dying and, of course, have their cookout. I wonder what yummy things they’ll make!

Sunset Hill’s girls will go boating in the morning and spend some time packing for their overnight. They’re going for an overnight on horses!  That means that they’ll hike up with their horses and spend a night in the tents.

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