Closing Campfire

Hello Readers!

Today is our very last closing campfire of the season. I hope the rain will stay away so we can have an extra special closing campfire! Everyone will sing a few fast songs and a few slow songs. Of course, we will also sing the Camp Timbercrest song.

Sprucewood is keeping busy with a splash hike and some geocaching. They will do archery, swimming, boating, and some basketball. They will also attend campfire.

Jackman’s lodge will play fairy games and spend some of the morning showering and packing. Then they will go boating and swimming, and, of course, to the campfire.

Strawberry Hill will play gaga, make their own chalk, and spend the second half of the day with the horses, doing horse maintenance and lessons.

Hawthorn will do badge work and some masks before heading down to the archery range. They will also play with water balloons and at night will have a kitchen raid, which is when the counselors sneak in and grab goodies for the unit. But shhh! It’s a secret!

Sunset Hill’s riding girls will return from their overnight today. They will spend the rest of the morning with the horses, and then they will play board games. Before dinner, they will return their tents and pack for tomorrow.

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