Friday, 8/12/2016

One day more…

One last time…

Welcome to our last day at Camp Timbercrest! Sorry for there not being an update recently, but now at least I can tell you what we did as well as tell you what we will do today.

Unfortunately, Thursday was filled with lightning/thunder/rain. Most made the best of it with indoor games, rainy-day activities, and arts & crafts. Our lake had gotten too much rain so we weren’t allowed to swim but we did do a lot of boating in the morning before the storms came back to us.

We had our final campfire Friday; we were lucky that the storms and the rain stopped and the skies cleared to give us a final send-off. Two counselors brought the torch across the lake in a canoe for the staff to pass around the fire circle before the camp director (that’s me!!!) lights the fire. One of the traditions I like to have at our final campfire is collecting wood from all of the units so that all of the campers who helped collect that wood during the summer become a part of Timbercrest through embers and smoke. It’s pretty lovely.

Today may have started with early morning thunderstorms, but the sun is out as our campers and staff pack up and close their units. Soon we will have a very full Friday Follies talent show when the campers will present their skits & songs that they prepared during their drama time all week. Our CITs will put on an Olympic-themed all-camp program this afternoon, which will be super fun with the mud that is everywhere!

Thank you for being excellent readers this summer, just remember to check out GSWNY’s Flickr page where you can find all of our photos from all of the sessions. Our last session 6 album is right here!

Until next summer–

Bloomer 🙂



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