Opening Day at Camp Timbercrest 2017!

Hello amazing friends out there!

Our opening day at Camp Timbercrest was super amazing! Our general and horse campers registered without a hitch. Our core campers were greeted by one of our camp interns, Zippy, and then met with the camp director to talk about their super-packed schedule of the week.

The girls in Sprucewood, Fun in the Sun and Summer Sampler, had their swim tests and toured the camp. They also wrote a campstitution (which is a contract within the unit for campers and staff to keep things fair and equal) to hang in the unit. The Bridles and Bits girls who are living in Strawberry Hill not only took their swim tests but also were able to get through their horse riding tests! Talk about a busy afternoon!

During dinner we learned all about the procedures in the dining hall. Timbercrest eats “family style,” where two adults serve the first servings of food and drink to the campers. There is always more food to eat, and we also have a salad bar filled with yummy things to accompany our meal. Camp songs are sung to help us along with cleaning up, and once the campers are done with their kapers (camp chores at the table, as well as in the unit or around camp) they go outside. Pretty soon the dining hall is empty and clean, and it’s time for Opening Campfire!

Opening campfire included introductory skits from staff, the 12 days of camp (a fun and silly way to introduce basic camp rules), and we learned lots of camp songs. Timbercrest’s campfires always end with amazing sunsets over the lake. Last night did not disappoint us.

Today has a lot in store for all of our campers, we will sure to update later on in the day! Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions below, as well as check out our Flickr page for some photos from last night!


9 thoughts on “Opening Day at Camp Timbercrest 2017!

  1. Thanks so much for the blog post – anxious parents like me are most grateful!! One quick note -I do not see any pictures from last night on the Flickr page.


    • Hi, Julie, I posted the blog entry while the photos were still uploading. Sorry about that! They will be finished a little later today (internet is a little slow at Timbercrest).

      -Susan C, GSWNY Staff

  2. love the blog… been following it for all the years “ZIPPY” has been going to Timbercrest. As a parent of a camper it always gave me peace of mind knowing what was happening. As a parent of an intern (and future full staff member) it makes me proud to see her growing and sharing with the next generation!!!

  3. Thank you SO much for these blog posts! As first-time camper parents this is giving us some some much-needed peace of mind! Hoping the weather stays dry for the rest of the week for you all! We’re looking forward to some photos soon! Thank you again for these insightful posts!! πŸ™‚

    • Definitely! We know Camp Director Bloomer loves to share the goings-on at camp. She’s working on the issue with the photos right now, but she took a bunch so they will definitely get posted as soon as she can get them to upload! -Susan C, GSWNY Staff

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